LEGO Disney 2018 Official Images Released!

This has been a very busy day of reveals from LEGO especially with the latest Star Wars, Creator and Ninjago sets, and this time, World of Games opted to list a handful of sets that caters to the Disney fan inside us. Previously named as Disney Princess, LEGO rebranded the theme and simply called it LEGO Disney. It is kind of similar to the LEGO Friends theme primarily because of its use of minidolls instead of the standard minifigure.

These latest LEGO Disney sets also stand out because of the inclusion of several unique LEGO pieces. I was thrilled to see Sebastian finally getting the LEGO treatment with a minifigure of his own. Some of these sets also highlight a modular kind of Build and Swap play feature, similar to what we see from modular LEGO Creator sets. Another appealing set from this theme is the Cinderella Dream Castle which looks like a nice, smaller version of the LEGO Disney Castle (71040). It will be neat to have these two Disney castles placed side by side and see how designers managed to scale these sets in their respective proportions.


Mulan’s Training Day (41151)

41151 41151 01


Sleeping Beauty’s Fairytale Castle (41152)

41152 41152 01


Ariel’s Royal Celebration Boat (41153)

41153 41153 01


Cinderella’s Dream Castle (41154)

41154 41154 01


Elsa’s Market Adventure (41155)

41155 41155 01

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