Blocks Magazine Highlights the Designers Behind LEGO Assembly Square, Architecture, and the Newest LEGO House in Issue #30!

Blocks Magazine Issue #30 is now available over at the UK and will soon be arriving to subscribers in North America. In this recent issue, Blocks Magazine focuses on the creative designers behind the 10th anniversary modular release, LEGO Creator Assembly Square (10255), and the newest LEGO Architecture Skyline series. Blocks Magazine also takes us into a tour inside the grandest LEGO crib around: the posh LEGO House at the heart of Billund, Denmark. Read on for the full press release.

Blocks Magazine is available both in print and digital formats. You may visit their website for more information on how to order your copy, or visit any Barnes & Noble bookstore nearest you. As a side note, Wildcard Toys are also offering several back issues that you may have missed, so be sure to check on them as well.


Behind the scenes with LEGO Creator Expert and Architecture designers in Blocks Issue 30

This month Blocks magazine gives LEGO fans an unrivalled look behind the scenes with three exclusive insider interviews.

Jamie Berard, Design Manager for LEGO Creator Expert, talks Blocks readers through the 10th anniversary modular release, 10255 Assembly Square. For everyone who has always wanted an interior corner for their modular set-up, the Mod Squad demonstrate how to turn the latest release into just that. Of course the set also gets the Blocks eye cast over it in our in-depth review.

Over in the Build section, LEGO Architecture Designer Rok Žgalin Kobe explains the development of the new Skyline subtheme, providing the insight only a LEGO designer can. Tom Alphin, author of the LEGO Architect, then takes the Skyline concept and demonstrates how to apply it to new cities, before the Blocks build team provide four more exclusive build examples.

We take a look at the LEGO House, the home of the brick, that will take pride of place in the centre of Billund. The LEGO Group’s Trine Nissen explains how the concept came to be and details exactly what fans will find inside the must-visit location.

Of course our regular features are all present and correct too, with Simon Pickard demonstrating different techniques for building detailed LEGO walls. Month in LEGO sums up what has being going on in the brick world, with commentary on the upcoming summer releases and new Month in MOCs pages to showcase a variety of amazing builds.

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