Will LEGO CMF Series 18 Feature a Costume Party Theme?

We first saw them last month at the New York Toy Fair, and since we’re roughly less than 2 months away from their release in May, excitement is in high gear for LEGO’s 17th series of Collectible Minifigures.  Series 17 is filled with many characters that I’ve already ticked off in my must-have list, with Rocket Boy and Corn Cob Guy topping my list. Check out the rest of the Series 17 minifigures right here.

If you’re already hyped about LEGO’s CMF Series 17, then this might interest you as well. There has been some hints (aka rumors) now circulating over at Eurobricks on how special Series 18 will be. As it seems, though we don’t have our hands wrapped around yet on our favorite Series 17 minifigures, it looks like some pretty well informed folks are now in the know on what the 18th CMF series will be.

In line with the 40th anniversary of LEGO’s minifigures – they were introduced way back in 1978 when the first little plastic guys made their way as part of LEGO’s Town, Space, and Castle sets – the designers behind the CMF series seems to have a costume party theme in mind. This is not the first time that a themed series was introduced as part of the CMF. Series 14 (71010) aka the Monster Series released in September of 2015 featured an impressive line of minifigs and new elements.

According to sources, Series 18 will feature minifig characters donned in costumes as they celebrate their landmark anniversary. Imagine Banana Guy, Chicken Suit Guy, Hot Dog Man, and Orca partying around and you’ll get the picture. Perhaps akin to this one.

LEGO Minifigures Series 14 Animal Suit Minifigures Welcome Tiger Woman 1024x662
Photo courtesy of JaysBrickBlog.

It was also mentioned in the forum that these costumed minifigs will be unique in itself, and will not be a sort of a rehash from previous sets or collectibles. There were worries at first that Series 18 might be like an overkill, saturating fans with too much costumed minifigures. The appeal of the costumed minifigure in any CMF series lies in the fact of its exclusivity and rarity, and having an entire set of minifigures donning costumes might just overdo it. I guess it will largely depend on how fun and creative LEGO designers will be.

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Photo courtesy of Omaijdot.

So what do you think brick fans? What particular costume do you wish to see in Series 18? Do you like the idea of a costume party theme for the next LEGO CMF series? Stay tuned for more updates here at the Brick Show!


Thanks to The Brick Fan for the heads up.

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