Blogging the Logging! LEGO Komatsu

LegoMathijs is posting splendid additions to his Komatsu Forest Layout. What really draws my attention to these creations are his eye for detail. These models are created with such accuracy that they make you almost assume their creator is a logger (which I don’t know one way or another.) But even as you look at the whole scene, one realizes that they’re really looking at three separate mocs, each one worthy of note.


The trucks simplicity truly brings a realism to the display. No detail is overbearing, and as a whole; it completes a highly iconic vehicle.

And if that weren’t all, this new section works in harmony with an initial build that was created last year.

And even if your interests aren’t specialized to logging machinery, LegoMathijs over the years has built a range of awesome vehicles. A photostream definitely worth rummaging through!

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