BrickLive In The UK Will Offer A FREE LEGO Dimensions Green Arrow Minifigure PLUS 20 Exclusive Collectible Cards!

His last known whereabouts were at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles last June, and at the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) last July. This time, the LEGO Dimension Green Arrow minifigure is headed in the UK for BrickLive starting October 27 to 30.  Dubbed as UK’s biggest celebration of LEGO, LEGO Dimensions will have a very strong presence with its 16 Playstation 4 kiosks to be set up for fans and participants to have a try of the game’s demo version. If this is not enough to get fans excited, they’re also throwing in the exclusive LEGO Dimensions Green Arrow minifigure, together with 20 collectible cards that you can bring home. You’ll never find these cards anywhere else, except perhaps on eBay after the event. Here’s the official news coming from BrickLive.



Want to get your hands on an exclusive playable Green Arrow Character for LEGO Dimensions?

Simply collect all 20 of the LEGO Dimensions Character Cards. Then show off your collection to a member of the LEGO Dimensions team on the LEGO Dimensions Stand at BRICKLIVE.

You will receive your Green Arrow character (and you get to keep your cards!)



Each individual pack contains 8 random LEGO Dimensions Character Cards. You will receive one Pack of Character Cards for each of the following BRICKLIVE activities:

  • Play the LEGO Dimensions Demo (as many times as you like)
  • Sit and watch the LEGO Dimensions presentation on the BRICKLIVE stage at 2pm
  • Get your LEGO Dimensions poster signed on the LEGO Dimensions stand by TT Games (3pm daily)
  • Have your photo taken with a LEGO Dimensions costume character (as often as you spot them!)

Also, keep your eyes open for our LEGO Dimensions Character Card Swap Zones where you can swap any duplicate cards you may have with other collectors. You’ll find them dotted about the show floor during your visit to BRICKLIVE.


So if you’re headed for BrickLive in NEC Birmingham in the UK, be sure to drop by at the LEGO Dimension booth to have a chance to bring home a Green Arrow minifigure, together with this exclusive set of collectible cards. They don’t add any game features within the LEGO Dimension game itself, but it’s a cool exclusive that you may to add alongside your LEGO Dimension minifigures, and of course they’re all FREE. Perhaps in the future, we’ll get to see them included in every LEGO Dimension pack – let’s see if LEGO is willing to move towards that direction. What do you think?

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