Bring Your LEGO Adventures to a New Level With Base Ace 3D Play Platforms.

Every now and then, we feature pretty cool, LEGO-related products here in the Brick Show that complements your LEGO play experience. Either organizing and sorting your seemingly infinite number of LEGO bricks, building ‘elite weapons’, or even simply coming up with an EV3 Egg Decorating Automaton (no, that last one is really NOT simple), all of these awesome stuff are meant to enhance our level of play with the LEGO brick. Speaking about play, there is one particular LEGO-compatible product that caught my attention recently that can expand any imaginative LEGO play – and MOCs as well.

What I am referring to is Talking Product’s Base Ace 3D Play Platforms. It is basically a minifigure (or any action figure) play stand that is made of interlocking wooden parts that can be arranged in various ways, without the use of any adhesive or glue. Whether you’re re-creating a jungle safari, or setting up a minifigure scaled space station, or fortifying an army defense, Base Ace 3D Play offers a creative way of giving life to these creations.

The buildable platforms can also be enhanced by adding cool features such as LED glow sticks, a sound FX module, sliding poles, and customized base plates. Needless to say, it’s a great way to add more fun to LEGO’s imaginative play and a nice way to display your minifigures and other smaller LEGO sets. Practically, there is no limit on how you can use the Base Ace 3D platform, and since the pieces are made of lacquered wood, they are guaranteed to be durable even against frequent assembly and disassembly.

Here’s Base Ace’s official product description, coupled with several official images and its promotional video for your reference. Just click on the link below for more information over at Amazon.

Base Ace 3D Play Platform

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Base Ace is a 3D Play Platform for your mini figures and building bricks. This robust wooden kit can be customised, connected and expanded to create environments such as space stations, army camps or an exciting backdrop for a superhero mission. Discover a whole new world of mini figure adventures by adding an exciting new dimension to your exciting building bricks. Base Ace will inspire creative play and provide hours of fun, time and time again!

base ace BAB K3 3001 K1 94
base ace BAB K3 3001 2K 80
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Upgrade your existing mini figure collection to another level with our durable wooden bases. Our kits do not include bricks or mini figures because most children already own a box of bricks. Base Ace will stretch the imagination and bring building adventures to life…so get your bricks out of the box and build! 

The Base Ace Kit 3 Special Edition is made from high quality lacquered plywood with printed graphics. The kit includes a red translucent sheet which can be rolled into a tube and inserted into the open central column. Flat packed ready for assembly. The kit simply slots together and secures with locking discs, No tools or glue required!

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  • This kit includes five extension platforms which can be fitted or removed during play as required.
  • 15 x Black Base Plates included.
  • Approx size when assembled: 450 x 300 x 280mm.
  • Child Safe and CE Certified.
  • Includes assembly instructions.

NOTE: Our Base Plates are compatible with all leading brands of mini figures and building bricks including LEGO Star Wars, LEGO City and MEGA BLOKS. Base Ace kits do NOT include mini figures or building bricks.

Disclaimer: This item is compatible with LEGO, MEGA BLOKS and KRE-O, but it is NOT an official LEGO, MEGA BLOKS or KRE-O product.


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