A Look At The Set That Never Was (Supposedly) – The LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21038)

If you recall back in 2017, the LEGO Architecture Skyline subtheme had a particular set that never made it to the mainstream public. Triggered by the unfortunate events of October, 2017’s Mandalay Bay Hotel shooting, the LEGO Group deemed wise to cancel the impending release of the LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21038), and was eventually replaced by a redesigned set that noticeably deviated from the original plan of including the famous hotel along the Las Vegas strip. This is completely understandable and was a welcomed move from TLG that highlights the social and moral compass that guides the company.

LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21038)

Images of the front and back box art of the LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21038) courtesy of Brick Architect.

The unreleased 487-piece LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21038) set suffered from an initial delayed release date which was soon followed by another until it was officially announced that it will be replaced with a redesigned model. It was quite a sad day for LEGO Architecture fans, but it was a necessary step if LEGO will stay true to its core values of not depicting real-life violence in its toys.

So for almost 2 years, we thought that this set does not eventually exist. Not until a surprising report from Tom Alphin aka the Brick Architect, revealed that some LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21038) sets found their way in a retail store in Johannesburg, South Africa. It does not come as a surprise if LEGO has this set planned ahead long before the unfortunate shooting took place. So these sets either missed LEGO’s recall train or has found their way into the market from some LEGO warehouse from who knows where.

According to Tom, this set is not actually his but was provided to him to be reviewed. In fact, Tom did a superb review that I highly recommend that you go through as well. Apart from the lamentable circumstances in which this set has been connected to, it is commendable how this set introduces several new pieces that are believed to be only found in this set such as the Technic 3-Blade Rotor (32125) and the 1x2x1⅔ Brick w/ 2 studs 1-side (32952), both in Pearl Gold colors that replicate the Mandalay Bay Hotel’s signature architecture. Needless to say, the build also introduces an interesting building technique that captures the hotel’s unique design.

These Pearl Gold pieces are only found in the unreleased LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21038).

No one knows exactly how many of these unreleased LEGO sets are out there – even a search over at eBay does not even yield any positive result. We may never see the LEGO Architecture Las Vegas (21038) grace our Skylines collection, but I am thankful that someone was kind enough to go out of his way to give us a closer look at this set that never was. Thanks also to Huw from Brickset for additional info.

Here’s A Round-Up of LEGO Movie 2 Spoiler-Free Reviews You May Want To Read

The LEGO Movie 2 was slated for early screenings yesterday, and as such, we now have critics and movie goers sharing their two cents whether or not the sequel lived up to its expectations. It was quite a surprise that Warner Bros opted for an early screening in some select locations ahead of the film’s general release on February 8. My bet is that WB is somehow banking on the positive reviews and buzz that the sequel’s early screening will generate. So did it really earn the accolades of critics? Let’s find out with this collection of LEGO Movie 2 spoiler-free reviews coming from across the internet.

Just to be sure, I steered away from spoilers so you can guarantee that the links I included here will not lead you into spoiler land. Nevertheless, knowing how the audience and critics saw the film provides us with insight on how this sequel is related to its predecessor.

First off, we have Germain Lussier writing for io9. He says “The LEGO Movie 2 is a hilarious, clever, emotional sequel – though it takes a little bit to get there.” Perhaps this is due to the fact that after five years since the release of the first LEGO Movie, audiences are now accustomed to the unique style of story-telling spearheaded by the first film. Other LEGO inspired films such as the LEGO Batman Movie and the LEGO Ninjago Movie may have somehow given audiences a feeling that this is just ‘another’ LEGO movie. But then again, seeing how the narrative of the real-world characters of Finn (who is now older, with a slightly different approach in playing with LEGO pieces) and his younger sister, Bianca ‘should’ play with LEGO bricks is an interesting plot to see.

the lego movie 2 4

This particular strain on how one should play with LEGO was perfectly illustrated in the first LEGO Movie, especially between that of an adult collector and builder who is adamant in following building instructions (portrayed by the character of the father, aka the Man Upstairs), and that of an imaginative child (as portrayed by the younger Finn) that would explore all possibilities of play using the LEGO brick. However, the LEGO Movie 2 now shifts the conflict on a whole different level: with Finn’s more ‘modern’ and ‘mature’ treatment over his LEGO collection, and that of Bianca’s more avant-garde approach in building. The only question is: which approach to LEGO play is better? According to Variety’s Peter Debruge, begging the question makes the LEGO Movie 2 a bit shaky. “The Lego Movie 2 ought to have raised the bar, and while it’s faster, denser, and jam-packed with all sorts of catchy new songs (including one, ‘Catchy Song,’ that’s insidiously engineered to get stuck inside your head), all that energy only goes so far to cover for the wobblier foundation on which this film is built. At the most basic level, it was a bad call to treat li’l Bianca as a villain when what she really represents is an extreme case of Finn’s own approach”. The complex question of how one should play with LEGO is perhaps something that was too difficult to tackle for the sequel. There is no prescribed formula on how one should creatively play with LEGO pieces, and this is something that the LEGO Movie 2 is expected to have explored more.

the lego movie 2 5

William Bibbiani from IGN also shares his verdict on the LEGO Movie 2, giving it a score of 7.5 out of 10. “The LEGO Movie 2 isn’t quite as funny or as brilliantly executed as the original, but it’s an ambitious, likable sequel. Kids will enjoy it and adults will appreciate that the filmmakers took it seriously, and tried to say something meaningful. Just don’t think about it too much, because the LEGO universe is often weird and confusing.”

the lego movie 2 3

Writing for Vox, Todd VanDerWeff gave the film a 3 out of 5 rating sharing that, “Unfortunately, ‘pointless, despite some solid moments’ describes too much of The Lego Movie 2, a film with its heart in the right place, some great gags in its head, and an inability to make anything connect beyond individual jokes or plot points. I had a good time watching it, but I could always see the filmmakers just offscreen, holding up the big table the Legos were scattered across, sweating and straining to keep the whole thing from toppling over.”

the lego movie 2 2

Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 92% on its Tomatometer, an average of 7.2/10, with a critics consensus saying that “While it isn’t quite as much fun as its predecessor, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part fits neatly into an animated all-ages franchise with heart and humor to spare.”

the lego movie 2 1

As I mentioned earlier, I think this is a common problem with sequels: its predecessor is sometimes so good that it’s a bit difficult to have a sequel overshadow its success. Just to be clear and fair, I haven’t seen the LEGO Movie 2 yet so I will put a brake on my personal comments. Just like with the first film, I’m sure that Warner Bros and the LEGO Group have children in mind when they came up with the LEGO Movie 2. For sure, all the gags and comedic scenes all have their usual endearing LEGO brand of humor, but it seems that the overall theme of the story did not have the same appeal as  that of the first film.

So what do you think about these LEGO Movie 2 spoiler-free reviews? Do you think the critics are right with their assessment? Share us your spoiler-free comments below (in case you have seen the film the already).

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part will arrive in most theaters in the US and rest of the world on February 8, 2019. For more information about the LEGO Movie 2 tie-in sets, please visit shop.LEGO.com.

Check Out This Very First Video Review of the LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222)

Starting September 13, LEGO VIP card holders will now have the chance to bag the very first LEGO set tagged with the Master Builder seal approval. The LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222) brings together the most memorable and iconic scenes from the Empire Strikes Back under one, featured-pack LEGO Star Wars set. So before you head over at your local LEGO Store or hit that buy button at shop.LEGO.com, the cool guys of IGN gives as a sampling of what to expect from this 2,800+ piece set. Thanks to Max Scoville and Brian Altano, it looks like we have our very first video review of the LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222). Check out their video below.

Nothing beats seeing the actual set, and this is especially true with the Betrayal at Cloud City (75222). I have to say that I didn’t imagine this to be this huge. The footprint alone for the completed build is quite impressive. As revealed by LEGO through the set’s official press release earlier last month, this very first Master Builder set comes with tons of play features that sets it apart from other LEGO Star Wars UCS, sets which is mostly meant for display. However, I have to agree with the IGN people that the set does not even remotely look like the Cloud City as we know from the films. In fact, the overall feel and design of the LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222) makes it look like a cross-sectioned Death Star.

75222 review

Though some older LEGO fans may consider this as a turn-off for certain reasons, the Betrayal of Cloud City (75222) set makes up for it through the sheer number of minifigures and play features that are included into it. The set comes with a whopping 18 minifigures, including minibuilds of Boba Fett’s Slave I, an all-red Twin-Pod Cloud Car, and the iconic Han Solo in carbonite prison plus several action-packed features to relive those unforgettable Star Wars Episode V scenes.

Thanks once again to IGN for sharing this first video review of the LEGO Star Wars Betrayal at Cloud City (75222). And in case you’ve set your eyes to this set as a first day buy (and with enough cash to spare), this first Master Builder set will retail for $349.99 USD and will be available starting tomorrow at shop.LEGO.com and all LEGO brand stores in the US and other parts of the globe.

A Closer Look At The LEGO Seasonal Banana Guy (5005250) Promotional Set

A view days ago, it came to our attention that LEGOLAND Billund is running a new promotional that coincides with the theme park’s 50th anniversary. So what better way to celebrate it than with the newest, coolest Banana Guy in town. Promo Bricks first spotted this latest LEGO seasonal collectible minifigure set via LEGOLAND’s promotional add, with the promise of a much closer look later on.

5005250 1

True to their word, Michael of Promo Bricks made a very comprehensive review of the LEGO Seasonal Banana Guy (5005250) set. The original text is written in German so be sure to have your Google Translate turned on if you’re browsing using Chrome. Here are some of closer images of this new Banana Guy minifigure courtesy of Promo Bricks. Be sure to check out their full review for a better appreciation of the set. For now, check out these images. Just click on them to have a better look.

5005250 2 5005250 3 5005250 4 5005250 5 5005250 6 5005250 7 5005250 8 5005250 9 5005250 10 5005250 11 5005250 13 5005250 12















I like how this newest iteration of one of LEGO’s most popular costumed minifig turned out, particularly the minifig’s tropical themed shirt, green pants, and flip flops. The legs are dual molded, while the torso has front and back prints which turned out nice. It comes with a single sided head print. The orange boom box accessory is also a nice addition to the set, giving this new minifig a more hip and chill out look. The box art itself further adds to that tropical feel with its festive juice bar display.

I do hope that this set lands on US shores and the rest of the globe. Thanks again to Promo Bricks for sharing these images, and be sure to stay tuned for more updates here in the Brick Show.

Have Your Very Own Custom LEGO Disney Castle – in Micro Scale.

Alright, I know I may have probably pushed it a little bit with that headline, especially if you’re looking for a way to snag that ridiculously large LEGO Disney Castle (71040). It is an impressive set no doubt, so much so that it even caught the attention of the Beckhams, Kardashians and other A-list celebrities last year. Standing at almost 2 ½ feet tall, and more than 1 ½  feet wide, the LEGO Disney Castle (71040) is one majestically built set that any Disney fan would love to have. This time around, Build Better Bricks gives tribute to this iconic symbol of Disney magic by coming up with their very own micro scaled, custom LEGO Disney Castle. Designed by Master Builders Tyler Clites and Sean Mayo, this custom LEGO Disney Castle is the perfect, smaller scaled version of the original set, a perfect fit to adorn any Disney AFOL’s desk.

Square Disney Castle 2734d77e 37c4 4ba3 abac

Coming in at 427 pieces, this micro scaled version measures 7.6 inches tall, 6 inches wide, and 3.5 inches deep. Tyler and Sean’s attention to the minute details of this MOC is absolutely amazing, and the colors that they used in building this set are really spot on. It is a relatively straightforward build, with each side of the MOC perfectly recreated in an appropriately scaled size. Check out this video from Build Better Bricks to have a better look at this custom micro-scaled LEGO Disney Castle.

You can also listen to Brian’s review of this custom LEGO set right here. So, if you wish to have a piece of the Disney magic right in your own homes, shelves or study table, be sure to check out the instructions on how to build this project at Build Better Bricks. For a minimum amount $5 USD, you’ll be receiving a set of building instructions in PDF format, a parts list, and a Stud.io file to easily import the list of needed parts which only cost you around $43 via Bricklink.

Be sure to check the rest of B3’s quality custom LEGO creations, by checking out these personal favorites of ours:

Happy building!

Take a Trip Inside the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon With Blocks Magazine Issue #40 – Available Now!

Blocks Magazine has just released its 40th issue and it will be looking at some of the mega-sets that LEGO has recently released, starting of course, with LEGO’s colossal sell-out set, the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon (75192). Issue #40 will also look into the crazy, and intricately fun details of the Joker Manor (70922) and Destiny Bounty (70618) and see if something new can be created out of them.

Jeff Friesen (aka Bricksy) will also be sharing some of his ideas that inspired his unique LEGO photography. LEGO Technic fans will find a thing or two that can help them hone their building skills and techniques. Blocks Magazine Issue #40 is now available in your local bookstores and online. Check out the full press release below.

Blocks 40 710

Blocks Issue 40 gets onboard the LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon.

Blocks magazine goes into Hyperspace with the Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon, the largest LEGO set ever released.

‘She may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts.’ Blocks finds out just how much the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon lives up to Han Solo’s promises, taking an in-depth look at the sell-out set. Daniel Konstanski then takes a look at what kind of ‘special modifications’ can be made to add an interior to this amazing set, starting off with how to incorporate the crew quarters.

Going behind the scenes, this month sees TT Games Head of Design, Arthur Parsons, reveal secrets behind the making of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 in an exclusive interview. A trip to Enfield is also in order, as the LEGO Group holds the first ever Fan Media meet and greet at the company’s US headquarters.

order please

Blocks checks out the work of Bricksy, the photographer who has recreated famous pieces by Banksy with LEGO bricks to find out what inspires his unique art. In Technique, the challenge of creating optical illusions with this 3D medium gets a deep dive, showcasing a unique type of build for LEGO fans to try.

joker manor

Joker Manor, another of the mega-sized LEGO sets recently released, also gets the Blocks review treatment. In other Batman related antics, Mike Freeman talks readers through his Steampunk Bat Mech. The LEGO NINJAGO Movie gets a look in too, as Destiny’s Bounty is completely dismantled to be rebuilt as a modular building.

steampunk batman

The regulars are all present too – from Month in LEGO to Brick Wife, from This LEGO Life to Brickpicker. Steel City LUG gets profiled in LUG Spotlight, the Teddy Bear shows up in Piece Perception and Game of Thrones appears in MOC&A.

Instead of risking bumping into all manner of scum and villainy en route to Docking Bay 94, get Blocks magazine delivered to your door, where it will arrive before it is even on store shelves. Visit www.blocksmag.com to find out more about subscription deals.

The Brick Show Team Reviews the 2018 LEGO Star Wars Sets!

As we’re about to close 2017, Jason and the rest of the Brick Show team worked really hard to round up all the upcoming 2018 LEGO sets that came out at various Toys R Us outlets and other retailers. We saw the team’s excellent, no holds barred reviews on these anticipated LEGO sets such as 2018 LEGO Batman Movie sets which are still to be officially out in LEGO stores and shop.LEGO.com starting January 1.

This time, we get to see them review the 2018 LEGO Star Wars sets, including a great deal of Microfighters and several sets from The Last Jedi. Though we already have news of what’s next this August in the LEGO brick galaxy far, far, away, there is still plenty of time to add more LEGO Star Wars sets in your collection.  So, if you still have some holiday LEGO Star Wars hunting that you want to check out from your list, then better check out these reviews first and see what they have to offer.

LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Series 5
  • Millennium Falcon Microfighter (75193)
  • First Order TIE Fighter Microfighter (75194)
  • Ski Speeder vs. First Order Walker Microfighters (75195)
  • A-Wing vs. TIE Silencer Microfighters (75196)

75193 alt1 75194 alt1 75195 alt1 75196 alt1


Tatooine Battle Pack (75198)

75198 alt1


General Grievous’ Combat Speeder (75199)

75199 alt1


Ahch-To Island Training (75200)

75200 alt1


First Order AT-ST (75201)

75201 1


Mos Eisley Cantina (75205)

75205 alt1



The Brick Show Team Reviews ALL of the 2018 LEGO Batman Movie Sets Ahead of its January 1 Release!

Yes folks, this is not a drill – and this is not a clickbait either. The Brick Show Team embarked on another mission similar to what they did before, hunting down the latest Nexo Knights, City, and Creator sets around. This time, the team were fortunate enough to have landed on a very nice haul – purchasing all of the 2018 LEGO Batman Movie sets ahead of its January 1, 2018 release! No back door and manager negotiations, no special privileges, just a simple casual stroll over at the nearest Toys R Us store and lo and behold, these prized sets are all for the taking. As it is with their previous hunt, not all of these sets were located in a single store. So it required a good deal of coordination to look for these sets.

Again the, official release for these sets is still on January 1, as you can confirm from shop.LEGO.com but it looks like TRU opted to place these TLBM sets on shelves weeks early. The rule of thumb is if you see them on store shelves, then chances are, you can outright purchase them which the Brick Show team exactly did. So here’s Brian and Jason with their reviews of these sets. Don’t forget to visit our YouTube channel for tons of new 2018 LEGO sets that these guys have reviewed, and be kind enough to leave a comment below and tell us what is your most favorite among these latest TLBM sets.


The Bat-Dune Buggy (70918) – 198 pieces; $19.99

70918 alt1


The Justice League Anniversary Party (70919) – 267 pieces; $29.99

70919 alt1


Egghead Mech Food Fight (70920) – 293 pieces; $29.99

70920 alt1


Harley Quinn Cannonball Attack (70921) – 425 pieces; $49.99

70921 alt1


The Bat-Space Shuttle (70923) – 643 pieces; $79.99

70923 alt1


Bring Your LEGO Adventures to a New Level With Base Ace 3D Play Platforms.

Every now and then, we feature pretty cool, LEGO-related products here in the Brick Show that complements your LEGO play experience. Either organizing and sorting your seemingly infinite number of LEGO bricks, building ‘elite weapons’, or even simply coming up with an EV3 Egg Decorating Automaton (no, that last one is really NOT simple), all of these awesome stuff are meant to enhance our level of play with the LEGO brick. Speaking about play, there is one particular LEGO-compatible product that caught my attention recently that can expand any imaginative LEGO play – and MOCs as well.

What I am referring to is Talking Product’s Base Ace 3D Play Platforms. It is basically a minifigure (or any action figure) play stand that is made of interlocking wooden parts that can be arranged in various ways, without the use of any adhesive or glue. Whether you’re re-creating a jungle safari, or setting up a minifigure scaled space station, or fortifying an army defense, Base Ace 3D Play offers a creative way of giving life to these creations.

The buildable platforms can also be enhanced by adding cool features such as LED glow sticks, a sound FX module, sliding poles, and customized base plates. Needless to say, it’s a great way to add more fun to LEGO’s imaginative play and a nice way to display your minifigures and other smaller LEGO sets. Practically, there is no limit on how you can use the Base Ace 3D platform, and since the pieces are made of lacquered wood, they are guaranteed to be durable even against frequent assembly and disassembly.

Here’s Base Ace’s official product description, coupled with several official images and its promotional video for your reference. Just click on the link below for more information over at Amazon.

Base Ace 3D Play Platform

base ace BAB K3 3001 K2 3

Base Ace is a 3D Play Platform for your mini figures and building bricks. This robust wooden kit can be customised, connected and expanded to create environments such as space stations, army camps or an exciting backdrop for a superhero mission. Discover a whole new world of mini figure adventures by adding an exciting new dimension to your exciting building bricks. Base Ace will inspire creative play and provide hours of fun, time and time again!

base ace BAB K3 3001 K1 94
base ace BAB K3 3001 2K 80
base ace BAB K3 3001 K1 95 e1512910994711

Upgrade your existing mini figure collection to another level with our durable wooden bases. Our kits do not include bricks or mini figures because most children already own a box of bricks. Base Ace will stretch the imagination and bring building adventures to life…so get your bricks out of the box and build! 

The Base Ace Kit 3 Special Edition is made from high quality lacquered plywood with printed graphics. The kit includes a red translucent sheet which can be rolled into a tube and inserted into the open central column. Flat packed ready for assembly. The kit simply slots together and secures with locking discs, No tools or glue required!

91NLSZXXveL. SL1500

  • This kit includes five extension platforms which can be fitted or removed during play as required.
  • 15 x Black Base Plates included.
  • Approx size when assembled: 450 x 300 x 280mm.
  • Child Safe and CE Certified.
  • Includes assembly instructions.

NOTE: Our Base Plates are compatible with all leading brands of mini figures and building bricks including LEGO Star Wars, LEGO City and MEGA BLOKS. Base Ace kits do NOT include mini figures or building bricks.

Disclaimer: This item is compatible with LEGO, MEGA BLOKS and KRE-O, but it is NOT an official LEGO, MEGA BLOKS or KRE-O product.


Select LEGO Batman Movie Sets Now On Sale at Amazon!

After the reveal of next year’s latest wave of the LEGO Batman Movie sets, it seems that Amazon is about to make way for more LEGO sets slated for 2018.  So if you’re looking forward in completing your TLBM collection, and you’re still looking for that set that you missed out on, now is the time to take advantage of Amazon’s discounts. As much as 20 to 30% has been slashed off from these sets so you may to consider purchasing them now.

Purchasing on Amazon via the links below will help support our blog site. Check out the following great deals and see what you can find, and before you do, be sure to watch Jason and Stephen’s review of the LEGO Batman Movie sets.

Catwoman Catcycle Chase (70902)

List Price: $19.99. Get it now for $13.99 (30% off)

70902 alt1

The Riddler Riddle Racer (70903)

List Price: $29.99. Get it now for $23.99 (20% off)

70903 alt1

Clayface Splat Attack (70904)

List Price: $34.99. Get it now for $27.78 (21% off)

70904 alt1

The Joker Notorious Lowrider (70906)

List Price: $49.99. Get it now for $39.99 (20% off)

70906 alt1

The Scuttler (70908)

List Price: $79.99. Get it now for $63.99 (20% off)

70908 alt1

Batcave Break-in (70909)

List Price: $99.99. Get it now for $79.99 (20% off)

70909 alt1

Scarecrow Fearful Face-Off (70913)

List Price: $14.99. Get it now for $11.99 (20% off)

70913 alt1