LEGO MOC Spotlight: World of Warcraft’s Theramore by Mark Erickson.

It’s sure to be awe-inspiring whenever a LEGO builder shows off his custom build of a structure that reaches monumental proportions. It could be that of a real historical edifice like the Duomo of Florence. Or it could be a scale version of something symbolic, like a wind turbine built by The LEGO Company itself to celebrate its renewable energy policy’s early completion.

Then there are those set builds that exist only in fiction, from licensed properties like the World of Warcraft MMORPG from Blizzard Entertainment. Builder Mark Erickson for instance, replicated a key location from the game, Theramore Castle.

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Erickson, known as Mark of Falworth on Flickr, shared his brick-built replica of the island citadel of Theramore, home of a faction of Human Alliance refugees from Lordaeron.

As World of Warcraft lore tells it, Theramore was initially established as a sanctuary and trading port which eventually expanded into a military fortress – no thanks to the  war between the Alliance and the Orcish Horde Theramore would later be destroyed by the Blood Elves of the Horde.

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Mark has a keen eye for detail, and has managed to capture each key building in Theramore with uncanny accuracy. He ended up using 55,000 LEGO bricks set upon a mat area measuring 80 x 80 inches. This places his Theramore model in between Giancinto Consiglio’s scale Duomo (20,000 bricks) and LEGO’s own wind turbine (146,000 bricks, a Guinness World Record too).

For the curious, the building-block franchise license for Blizzard’s World of Warcraft has been held by Mega Bloks, so a custom build is the best alternative with LEGO. Congratulations to Mark for this superb MOC.

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