Days 5-8 of LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (75184).

So, we got a look at the goodies that were revealed in the first four days of the LEGO Star Wars 2017 Advent Calendar (75184) last Monday, and I’ve hit upon the idea of combining day posts into four-day digests like how I caught up with the set’s “opening weekend.”

To wit, I’m now going to do a once-over of the LEGO mini-models and minifigures that were revealed from Day 5 to 8, that is, Tuesday to Friday. Of this batch I’d say that the reveals are mostly okay. There are two minifigures and one vehicle so it’s not boring:

Day 5: Resistance Officer – Remember the guy manning the Day 4 Blaster Cannon in our previous Advent Calendar article? Here’s the guy with his blaster pistol. His identity’s up in the air – probably not Poe Dameron – so he could be a generic Resistance guy to bulk up the heroes’ ranks.

LSWAC 05 04 279x300

Day 6: First Order Troop Transport – They first appeared in The Force Awakens, carrying Stormtroopers in Jakku where we first meet Rey, BB-8 and Finn. It’s a basic version of the full LEGO set 75103 from 2015.

LSWAC 06 03 300x188

Day 7: First Order Stormtrooper – The grunts of the First Order remnants of the Empire are a sterling example of old made new, with different enough armor details to stand out. The face under the helmet is recycled from Clone Troopers of the Prequel Trilogy/Clone Wars period however.

LSWAC 07 03 201x300

Day 8: Weapons Rack – It’s… a crate to store weapons in, with prominent slots holding a big blaster and a wrench aside from the empty storage. That’s it, nothing more. You could take it apart to add to custom creations if you want. To be continued.

Advent Calendar 2017 40 300x201

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