Super Rare 2017 LBR Manager’s Conference Exclusive Magician Minifigure Listed on eBay For $6,000!

I am not really familiar with all the conventions and conferences that LEGO organizes to bolster its managerial workforce, but this piece of news, courtesy of The Brick Fan, warrants a second look. LEGO organizes a yearly conference for its LEGO Brand Retail (LBR) Managers, with this year’s event held somewhere in Atlanta. Similar to the perks of being a LEGO Store Employee which comes with a free holiday gift, LBR Managers also seem to be entitled to a freebie in the form of a super rare LEGO collectible minifigure.

Now, if you’ve been following our blog for quite some time now, then you might be aware that we have featured several ultra rare collectible minifigs at some point here in the Brick Show, including the unbelievable price tags that go along with them. This time, another mind-blowing, crazily expensive, exclusive minifigure has popped up over at eBay with a price tag of not just one or two grand, but a whopping $6,000 USD! The LEGO Brand Retail Manager’s 2017 Conference Exclusive Magician Minifigure features a minifigure replica of the LEGO Brand Retail Manager in a magician’s getup, a top hat, regular hairpiece, and a rabbit accessory. It also comes with an instruction to assemble a 121-piece, Rabbit in a Hat build.

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It is simply mind-boggling how these costs and figures are determined – it’s kind of hard for me to imagine anyone paying $6,000 for a LEGO minifigure made out of ABS plastic. But I guess if you’re a LEGO minifigure purist that has the cash to burn, then paying six grand will not be an issue. If you also notice, the same eBay reseller has also listed for bidding last 2016 and 2015’s exclusive LBRM Conference commemorative minifigs featuring the 2016 Orlando Zack and 2015 Houston Zombie set – both set up for bidding at $6,000 each.

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What do you think, will these ultra rare minifigures land a spot on your most wanted minifigs list? Let us know in the comments below.

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