DK Introduces New LEGO Children’s Book Written in Braille

Dorling Kindersley, DK for short, is on a roll with all these LEGO books they’re churning out for this year. They got volumes tying in to Star Wars, DC Comics and their own Ninjago line. And now, DK is publishing a very special volume, catering to the visually-impaired LEGO fans.

Presenting: the DK Braille: LEGO Duplo – Farm. This is being touted as the first LEGO book of its kind, with its contents written in braille, the writing system for visually impaired readers. LEGO and DK consulted with experts on the field to create this simple book describing a typical farm.

“DK Braille: LEGO Duplo – Farm” has got something to offer for the enjoyment of seeing and visually impaired readers. Braille and large text describes a visit to a farm, with photos of LEGO minifigures and buildings standing for everything described. The images are also embossed, allowing readers to feel them.


This combination of braille text and tactile images makes for the most fun learning experience yet for young readers and their parents, regardless of their vision. Interested collectors may now find the “DK Braille: LEGO Duplo – Farm” book on Amazon, priced at $14.99, as affordable as other DK LEGO books.


Author: Albert Balanza

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