Do You Have What It Takes to be the Toughest LEGO Builder Around? Find Out in Blocks Magazine Issue #31!

Who says being a LEGO fan ain’t tough? Next month’s Block’s Magazine Issue #31 shows what a UFC mixed martial artist and a budding LEGO Master Builder have in common. Issue #31 also gives an in-depth look at ‘cyberpunk’ building, and what it takes to re-create the sci-fi, over-the-top, apocalyptic, LEGO aesthetic.

Issue #31 also puts LEGO Technic’s latest remote-control creation and puts it under the harshest road tests. Will the LEGO Technic RC Tracked Racer (42065) stand the most gruelling tests that the Blocks magazine crew can think of? We shall see. Finally, the latest waves from LEGO Dimensions, NEXO Knights and DC Superhero Girls also get a share of the limelight with some pretty cool reviews from the staff, who perhaps can give us an idea on what the future holds for these themes. If you recall, there has been plenty of talks surrounding LEGO Dimensions and NEXO Knights, where these relatively young themes is rumored to be cancelled any time soon.

Better grab your bricks and get ready for some serious brick-building action!

Blocks Magazine is available both in print and digital formats. You may visit their website for more information on how to order your copy, or visit any Barnes & Noble bookstore nearest you. As a side note, Wildcard Toys are also offering several back issues that you may have missed, so be sure to check on them as well.


Brick Factor, famous fans and Cyberpunk in Blocks magazine Issue 31

There are all kinds of LEGO fans around the world, and the latest issue of Blocks magazine demonstrates that by talking to a mixed martial artist, competitive builders down under and one of the most dedicated collectors.

We take a look at Australia’s answer to The X Factor, as the country’s first LEGOLAND Discovery Centre looks for its resident Master Model Builder. If anyone is planning to enter one of these contests one day, it’s a must read account of the ropes that these LEGO building professionals go through to get there.

Cage Rage British Featherweight Champion Brad Pickett talks to Blocks magazine about his love of the brick, sharing his experiences balancing his LEGO hobby and UFC career. Lewis Aylmer shares his fascinating story of LEGO collecting, based around classic 1960s sets that are rarely seen in person – the images of his collection alone will fill fans with envy.

RC Tracked Racer from the LEGO Technic range gets put through the paces in the Blocks Review section, to see how it stands up to different terrain. Creator, Friends and NEXO KNIGHTS are all put under the spotlight too to see which sets are worth picking up and which are worth skipping.

Cyberpunk gets a deep dive in this month’s build section, with Cole Blaq analysing what LEGO fans do in order to recreate the unique aesthetic found in stories such as Ghost in the Shell. The best builders in the genre demonstrate how to create awesome Cyberpunk settings, before Ghost in the Shell itself gets the LEGO treatment.


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