Everything is NOT Awesome With Hurricane Irma.

Please allow me to divert for a moment from my usual LEGO news, thoughts and stuff. I know most of the good people of Florida are now prepped up and ready for what has been dubbed as a ‘potentially catastrophic’ Category 5 hurricane which is Irma. I am also aware that most of the good people there are in tune with the latest development as this monster hurricane is now pummelling its way to Orange State  after wreaking havoc at Barbuda, St. Martin , Anguilla, St. Kitts, Nevis, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. With all the devastating effects that this Cat. 5 hurricane now poses, let’s take a quick look at some of the facts that surrounds hurricane Irma.

1. Hurricane Irma’s winds have now reached sustained speeds of 185 miles per hour, which is already considered as “life-threatening”.

2. Irma is expected to sustain its Category 4 or 5 strength for the next five days or so, which means its devastating effects may linger for a while. However, there is no evidence to show that a new Category 6 moniker will be applied to Irma.

3. Hurricane Irma is the furthest hurricane with a strength of 175+ mph that ever developed in the Atlantic Ocean, right after Hurricane David in 1979.

4. Hurricane Irma is expected to hit Miami with threatening speeds of up to 150 mph and incredibly powerful gusts of 225 mph. To visualize how strong a Category 5 hurricane is, here’s a cool simulated video demonstration from the Weather Channel.

5. While common hurricanes develop at a slower pace, Irma evolved from a Cat. 1 to Cat. 2 category in just 24 hours, and in just a matter of days became a monstrous Cat. 5 hurricane.

6.  Hurricane Irma requires preparations of utmost diligence. Though Florida is no stranger to hurricane systems, Irma has posed a disastrous potential never before seen in the area. It poses such a large scale threat that the state is now placed in a State of Emergency.

MOC courtesy of Blake Baer

7. Finally, hurricane Irma’s strength is currently so off the charts that it is now registering on seismographs – equipments that are primarily meant to measure earthquakes, according to the National Oceanography Center of Southampton (NOCS). Talk about literally pummelling the ground and the ocean floor!

Even though I remain a spectator of everything that is happening from this side of the globe, my heart goes to all the people who has been affected and will be affected later on by Irma. For our friends living in the Sunshine State, please keep in touch and be sure to stay tuned for regular updates on this monster hurricane. Indeed, LEGO bricks are close to our hearts, but you are much closer.

Stay safe everyone!

Thanks to the Express for these fast facts and to Mark Jones for the image above.


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