A Look at This Year’s First LEGO Christmas Magnet Accessory (853663).

After the reveal of the LEGO Christmas Build Up (40253) a few days ago, LEGO seems to be gradually building up the Christmas cheers with another Christmas themed set or accessory.  At LEGOLAND in Windsor, UK a new magnet accessory was put on display retailing at £6.99 or roughly $10. The LEGO Christmas Seasonal Magnet (853663) comes in at 45 pieces consisting of a girl minifigure, a pine tree, and microbuild snowman.

853663 1

As far as we know, this is the fifth Christmas seasonal magnet released by LEGO since 2006, with the first four consisting of Santa minifigures. I know that most people might still prefer a Santa minifig over this latest accessory, but I personally prefer this most recent Christmas iteration over the previous ones, and the vignette-styled build that it shows. Though the build is very basic, which is to be expected from a small accessory such as this, its design stands from the rest with the thoughtful inclusion of white and blue translucent pieces that represent winter elements of ice and snow.

No word yet on when and where this Christmas seasonal magnet will land in the US, but if you’re into collecting LEGO accessories such as this, then keep your radars open and stick around here at the Brick Show!

Thanks to Brickset for the tip.


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