Fidget Spinners… In LEGO!

It seems that the current craze is no longer a local one. The social phenomenon which is that of the fidget spinner is now taking the world by storm, and with it comes a myriad of videos, articles, and posts created by fans all over the world. Just a simple YouTube search about the humble handheld toy will yield almost 8 million results. The sheer number of videos about the topic is simply mind-boggling! LEGO, of course, is quick to jump on the bandwagon with their very own version of the highly popularized toy. As of to date, the company has released seven (7) versions of their official LEGO Fidget Spinner which you can easily make and modify with any LEGO pieces that you might have. Take a look at the building instructions below and see if you can make one. Click on the links to download the instructions in pdf format.

Standard LEGO Fidget Spinner #1

Standard LEGO Fidget Spinner #2

LEGO Classic Red Fidget Spinner #1

LEGO Classic Blue Fidget Spinner #2

LEGO Technic  Fidget Spinner #1 (Simple)

LEGO Technic  Fidget Spinner #2 (Medium)

LEGO Technic  Fidget Spinner #3 (Complex)

Though their ‘official’ versions may not be that appealing to most, it provides the rudimentary building techniques that one can use in making their own unique LEGO fidget spinners.  I guess one of the reasons why these fidget spinners are so popular is the fact that they offer virtually unlimited customizations, especially when they are made of LEGO pieces. In fact, if you need more inspiration in making your own LEGO spinners, Tyler has come up with several suggestions that you can build yourselves. He even went as far as creating themes around these fidget spinners, taking inspiration from both sides of the superhero fence: from DCEU’s Justice League and MCU’s Avengers.

Check out Tyler’s videos below.

How to Make 6 Different LEGO Fidget Spinners.


LEGO Justice League Fidget Spinners


LEGO Avengers Fidget Spinners


I like how Tyler was able to capture every JL and Avengers character in these LEGO spinners. His clever use of color combinations and hero icons make these fidget spinners highly recognizable. My personal favorites are the Batman and Wonder Woman-themed spinners.

Do you have other LEGO-inspired fidget spinners that you like to share? Let us know in the comments below or head over to our Facebook page and join in the discussion.





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