First Look At LEGO Juniors Disney Princess Belle’s Story Time (10762) and Ariel’s Underwater Concert (10765)

June 15 is still far off, but it looks like some fortunate souls already had their hands on the latest LEGO video game minifigure exclusive freebie, following the likes of last year’s LEGO Giant-Man minifigure. We already know that the LEGO Incredibles 2 video game comes bundled with an exclusive LEGO Edna Mode minifigure when you pre-order the game via GameStop. But what comes as a surprise was when YouTuber Disney Dan managed to have a polybag of Edna and saw what was on its respective building instructions. Printed on the back of the flyer were two box art images of  never-before-seen, upcoming LEGO Juniors Disney Princess sets: Belle’s Story Time (10762) and Ariel’s Underwater Concert (10765). Check out the following screen grab below courtesy of Disney Dan.

The LEGO Juniors Disney Princess Belle’s Story Time (10762) comes in 87 pieces and includes a Belle minidoll, a small buildable castle, a kind of  picnic mat with some food accessories, and microfig renditions of Mrs. Potts and her son Chip.


The next reveal is the LEGO Juniors Disney Princess Ariel’s Underwater Concert (10765) which includes a minidoll version of Ariel, microfig versions of Sebastian and Flounder, and a dolphin minifigure . It shows Ariel on stage with a microphone stand. Frankly speaking, this 92-piece set feels very much the same as the Ariel’s Dolphin Carriage (10723) set from two years ago. The latter features the very same dolphin, a slightly different carriage, and Flounder’s microfig. Needless to say, the elements used to build Ariel’s Underwater Concert (10765) set look very much like the ones used for this most recent offering.


There’s still no news regarding the expected release of these upcoming LEGO Juniors Disney Princess sets, but our expectation is that it could be early June which means we can have official images around next month. Thanks again to Disney Dan for sharing this to us and if in case you want to see his review of the Edna minifigure, you may check out his video right here.

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