First Look At the LEGO The Incredibles Video Game Box Art

Last week, news broke out that Disney Pixar’s upcoming superhero sequel, The Incredibles 2, will be getting its very own LEGO video game when an ad featured on the pages of the building instructions for the LEGO Juniors tie-in sets hinted of its arrival. This time, several LEGO fan and gaming sites have reported a particular Amazon Canada listing that adds more credence to this once considered rumored story.

As of this writing, the said listing is now nowhere to be found on Amazon Canada’s website (perhaps it was posted a little too soon), but thankfully, we managed to save some of the images associated with its official box art.

lego the incredibles video game

The said listing reportedly mentions a June 15 release date for the video game, which also happens to be the film’s debut in US theaters and in other parts of the globe. Other than the fact this is definitely one exciting game to watch out for, what I find interesting about the above box art is the inclusion of Frozone’s minifigure version which I find really cool (pun intended). It will also be nice if we can have a bigfig version of Mr. Incredible apart from the standard version that we first have as part of the LEGO Disney CMF. We also have Violet with her new minifigure hair piece, Dash, and of course Baby Jack-Jack.

lego the incredibles video game switch

The LEGO Disney The Incredibles 2 will be available across all major gaming platform including the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. We might get an official announcement from Warner Bros Interactive anytime soon so we’ll place this under our radar.

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