Go Retro With These Custom LEGO Classic Marvel Cyclops and Wolverine Busts From Build Better Bricks

Following the release of Build Better Bricks’ most complete collection of custom LEGO Marvel character busts, Tyler and Sean added another Marvel character to B3’s ever growing roster that utilizes the fancy LEGO light brick. I guess the mention of the LEGO piece itself is already a giveaway on which Marvel character best suits this unique LEGO piece. Scott Summers aka Cyclops now has his very own custom brick-built LEGO bust thanks to the ingenious creativity of our B3 rock star designers.


Cyclops will not be the legendary X-Men character that he is if not for his iconic optic blasts, and what better way to render that than through the use of LEGO’s ruby red light bricks. The light bricks Tyler and Sean also managed to give Cyclops that classic Marvel comic book look through the impressive use of yellow and blue LEGO pieces. This custom LEGO Marvel Cyclops bust is made up of 334 parts and stands at 5.5 inches tall, and the instructions to build them is available for a low price of $5.

To double the fun of building your own custom LEGO Cyclops bust, B3 is throwing in a sweet deal that you may want to check out as well. Adding to that classic retro feel, B3 is currently running a promo where you can get to build not just Cyclops, but also his long-time frenemy, Wolverine, in one discounted bundle.

This version of Wolverine is also based on the classic Marvel comics where the virtually indestructible mutant in yellow spandex comes in his retro black and yellow mask and trademark cigar. The instructions to create this 275-piece build also retails for $5, however, B3 is offering the building instructions for both of these custom LEGO Cyclops and Wolverine busts for just $8 – a 20% slash off from their combined price. So if you want to relive those classic Marvel X-Men comics nostalgia in LEGO bricks, then better head over to BuildBetterBricks.com and take advantage of this offer.

Watch Tyler and Sean talk more about this promo in this hilarious B3 video.

Happy building!



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