DK’s LEGO Star Wars “Choose Your Path” Exclusive Minifig Revealed

Last month we featured the wide variety of LEGO books coming out this mid-2018, courtesy of their longtime British publishing partner Dorling Kindersley (DK). There are three titles coming out; one a LEGO DC picture dictionary, then a Ninjago building idea book, and the third a “Choose Your Path” adventure.

The first two LEGO-DK books are noted to have freebies attached. In particular, the multi-ending “Choose Your Path” story has a free minifigure. For those wondering what it might be, we now confirmation on what or who this mystery minifig is. It’s been revealed by LEGO via its official Twitter account that the included minifigure is C-3PO’s fellow protocol droid, U-3PO from A New Hope.

If this little update feels anticlimactic to you, it’s understandable. The LEGO Star Wars U-3PO minifigure isn’t exactly uncommon. Its last jaunt in an official LEGO set was in the LEGO Star Wars 2016 Advent Calendar. It’s a letdown compared to the more exclusive figures added to past DK-published books.

LEGO Star Wars Choose Your Path

Still, not all of it’s a waste. Those who never got the LEGO Star Wars 2016 Advent Calendar with the U-3PO droid, and are interested in acquiring it, can just opt to by the LEGO Star Wars Choose Your Path book instead. It’s cheaper at $19.99 and releases June 5 which you can pre-order via Amazon.

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