From August to July: LEGO Harry Potter Sets Might Release in US Earlier than Expected

The reporting of LEGO-related news is often a dynamic process, since stories considering products and events tied to the brand have a tendency to change with noticeable frequency. Only yesterday, we briefly mentioned an upcoming LEGO Harry Potter set with a minifigure included in a Potter activity book. Something’s changed.

Initially said set, the Hogwarts Great Hall (75954) is but one of several LEGO Harry Potter goodies that have been slated for release this coming August, two months from now. Come this week, that information is now old news stateside, as certain elements are indicating that the date’s moved up.

One might consider it rather ironic that European LEGO news site Eurobricks might get the first whiff of news that the LEGO Harry Potter sets will now become available in July. They already have some of the sets in question available over there by now.

Before this can be downgraded to mere rumor however, Wal-Mart briefly listed Hogwarts Great Hall (75954) and its fellows for July 1 before they were taken down. We’re getting the sinking feeling that they might be doing that deliberately now.

Aside from the Hogwarts Great Hall (75954), the other big LEGO Harry Potter set coming out is the Hogwarts Express (75955), a train set fully compatible with existing LEGO train tracks (explaining why it has none of its own) as well as internal space to install optional Power Functions capabilities as needed. LEGO Potter-fans might not need to wait much longer with this latest development.

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