New LEGO Ninjago Game (40315) Polybag Images Surfaced

Promobricks has just shared our first images of a new LEGO Ninjago polybag that fans of the theme might find interesting. Following the reveal of the first polybag of the LEGO Ninjago Dragon Hunter (30547) under the Realm of Oni and Dragons subtheme, it seems that LEGO has released another one in a similar vein. The LEGO Ninjago Game (40315) polybag features a gameboard and a few LEGO pieces to create some form of armament and ministructures. There is little information available about this polybag as of the moment, but from the looks of the image, it seems to follow the typical gameboard format with some minifigure cut outs included, less the minifigures obviously.

40315 1 40315 2

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