Fun and Frustration: Favorite April Fools’ LEGO News from Last Sunday

We’re well into the first week of April now; that’s two days away from Sunday – Easter to some, April Fools’ Day to many more – when both the real world and the internet can go crazy for a little bit. That’s when some (fun) fake news gets posted online, after all.

Not even the LEGO new community is spared from getting suckered by a whopper or two. Believe me; a few times I started writing articles this Monday, only to stop after discovering the fibs. I figured it might be fun to feature the best April Fools LEGO news this year.

One majorly hilarious offender was LEGO itself, which posted what seemed like their first foray into household appliances with the “VacuSort” brick vacuum cleaner, supposedly able to sort the bricks it sucks up from the floor. To my shame, it being on official LEGO Facebook got me (almost) writing it.

TheBrickFan too had a major April Fools moment with one piece of news that got me genuinely hyped…and crushingly disappointed when I read the end of the article. After all, what collectible hunter wouldn’t be interested about collaboration between LEGO and vinyl figure maker Funko? But it was April Fools’.

LEGO Funko

The next joke LEGO news I’d like to feature comes from Bricks to Life, which may have pulled off the greatest licensed LEGO merchandise gag I’ve yet seen: a LEGO Watchmen videogame from the usual suspects of WB Interactive and Traveller’s Tales. Well, it IS a DC title after all.

Finally, Jay’s Brick Blog did an article about another LEGO entry foray, this time into crypto-currency. That’s right; Brickcoin. Then again, having knowledge of Bitcoin’s current status makes this April Fools’ news lose some bite.

Rich Cryptocurrency Trader 1024x557

There are more of these jokes floating about, but these are my favorites this 2018. Still, I invite you to search around some more to get a few more laughs in, before the week goes on and April 1 is eventually consigned to past memories.

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