LEGO Harry Potter BrickHeadz are Coming this Fall!

Earlier last month, we mentioned a list of upcoming LEGO BrickHeadz slated this fall, with some of them having set names and numbers that were revealed already. For one, it looks like LEGO is in a roll in offering more sets dedicated to the return of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and the more recent Fantastic Beasts series.  This time around, we have confirmation that the hugely popular BrickHeadz line will also carry two familiar characters from the said franchise.

What we know so far based on the set images that we saw, is that there will be two particular LEGO BrickHeadz related to the theme: Harry Potter and Hedwig (41615), and Hermione Granger (41616). These sets are expected to be released sometime this fall. Both sets highlight our classic HP characters during their first days as students of Hogwarts. Set 41615 highlights Harry’s Gryffindor black robe, that comes with a unique 1×1 printed tile for the Gryffindor coat of arms, a printd 1×4 tile for the end portion of his red and yellow scarf, and a wand. The Harry Potter BrickHeadz will also use the newer circular eyeglasses piece which I think was first used in Go Brick Me (41597). Lastly of course, he will also use a unique 1×4 printed tile piece that shows his iconic forehead scar.

Hedwig’s BrickHeadz iteration is not to be outdone either: the snowy white owl seems to use a new kind printed of piece for his wings as well. We’ll confirm this once we have a better image of the set. This version of Hedwig also adds to the roster of LEGO’s ever-growing non-humanoid BrickHeadz builds that LEGO came up with after the official reveal of the Jurassic World Owen and Blue (41614) set.

Hermione Granger (41616) also shows a BrickHeadz version of her during her early years at Hogwarts. It features her gray cardigan and tie uniform (there’s a unique printed tile for her necktie), a spell book and a wand. All in all, this collection of LEGO BrickHeadz took their inspiration from the classic, early years of Harry Potter as we can see below.

HP characters 2 HP characters 1


We do not have an exact piece count, but we can roughly estimate that the LEGO BrickHeadz Harry Potter and Hedwig (41615) will retail for $15, while Hermione Granger (41616) will sell for $10. Both will be available sometime this fall.


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