Give Me Your LEGO Brainz!

Brick Show’s Master builder Tyler, was busy during these past few days creating a series of brick-built monster faces just in time for Halloween. The night of trick-or-treating might be over, but these LEGO monster faces – especially this brain-leaking undead – will probably stick around in my head for quite some time.


Tyler did not shy from adding details in this ghoulish MOC – the pink LEGO bricks really looked well (or gross, depending on how you look at it) inside that cracked skull, and adding that green tooth piece for zombie drool really nailed it. It is kind of reminiscent of Chris Maddison’s work from last year, when he thought of ‘dressing up’ his LEGO bricks for Halloween. Simply impressive.

As part of his LEGO Halloween Faces series, Tyler also added another visage that only a mummy can love. This wonderfully wrapped mummy using LEGO tiles at just the right angles is absolutely spot-on. The partially covered eyes, as if they were peeking ominously in between those bandages, coupled with the jagged broken teeth can certainly scare the wits out of any LEGO brick.


And of course, fright night will not be the same without the eerie, screeching laugh of the evil, wicked witch. Tyler’s excellent use of the radar dish and 1×1 round brick pieces for the witch’s eyes makes this MOC frightfully creepy. The way how Tyler managed to give this LEGO Witch MOC a gaping mouth, while keeping things balanced and in proportion, is a testament to his skills as a master builder. Add in some yellow cheese slopes for its teeth, a round brown tile for a wart and a crooked nose just for good measure, then you can have a face that will surely melt any LEGO brick in fear.


Here’s the rest of his LEGO Halloween Monster Faces from this series, and if you want to see more of Tyler’s creations you may want to check his Flickr (aka Legohaulic) account and his videos on Brick Show’s YouTube channel. Let us know in the comments below which are your personal favorites.

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