Happy Birthday LEGO – Celebrating 85 Years of Awesome Building!

This month of August is a very special month for LEGO, since this year marks the 85th year of the world’s most trusted toy brand. In case you don’t know yet, LEGO began as a humble wooden toy factory in 1932 at Billund, Denmark and it was 14 years later in 1946 that the idea struck the creative mind of Ole Kirk Kristiansen to create toys made of plastic bricks. Three years later in 1949, the company saw the production of its very first plastic bricks with a very much different design from what we know today. It was not until 1958 that tubes were added inside the plastic bricks that radically improved the LEGO pieces’ clutch power, and thus giving us the LEGO brick’s iconic design. The rest as they say, is brick-built history.

lego logos

To celebrate 85 years of creativity and imaginative play, LEGO has launched a social media campaign that captures the true meaning of the LEGO brand and what it ultimately stands for. You can follow the month-long celebration by keeping tabs with LEGO over at Twitter and Facebook, and sharing some of the moments that you have with a LEGO set or toy.


Also, back in 2012 when LEGO celebrated its 80th anniversary, the company released a short animated video that describes in detail how LEGO began as a humble wooden toy factory in the quiet town of Billund, and later to become the world’s largest toy manufacturer today. I’m reposting the video here for us to better appreciate the rich history of LEGO.

What is your very first LEGO set? What is your fondest memory of creating and playing with LEGO bricks? Share us your stories in the comments below or head over at our Facebook and tell us what you think.





2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday LEGO – Celebrating 85 Years of Awesome Building!”

  1. Hi
    I’m Sebastian, from Costa Rica.
    I’m 36 years old and my first Lego set is Lego Basic #510, still I have the set and the box too.
    I’m collector since 1986 and have almost 150 set of any world…
    I would like share with lovers and fans of Lego.
    Best regards

    1. Wow, that is a very well kept LEGO set! 🙂 We all have a LEGO set that we can say started it all. Mine was one of those classic Town sets from the late 70s. Unfortunately, the reckless kid in me didn’t bother at that time to take good care of those vintage LEGO pieces. I remember building like Mad Max style vehicles and have them crash towards each other to ‘test’ which is the tougher vehicle. Well, it doesn’t take long before those LEGO pieces started flying around and some of them went MIA. 🙁

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