Here Are Several LEGO Polybag Promos to Watch Out For Beginning January, 2017.

LEGO continues to be in a festive mood this Christmas season with these very much welcomed promos slated for the first two months of 2017. Though initially revealed through a LEGO Store flyer distributed in Germany, it will not be long until we see these same promos landing in LEGO brand stores and in the US. Please bear in mind that the flyer is written in German so I don’t claim to understand the language, but thankfully we have Promo Bricks to help us make sense out of this exciting LEGO promotional. Let’s take a look.

lego store 0102 2016 1

The journey continues for our young heroes from Knighton as they face off with new enemies and gain new abilities. The cover of the flyer puts the LEGO NEXO Knights back into the spotlight which features their new found ability of combining their NEXO powers. If you recall, LEGO alluded to this new way of combining NEXO powers in Wave 1 of Nexo Knights Combo NEXO Powers (70372) set to help fend off the forces of the Stone Army.

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Moving on, the above pages highlight some of the new sets (more than 180 sets, in fact) that are slated to hit stores in the first quarter of 2017. Notable among these are some of the new sets to be released under LEGO’s DC Super Hero Girls such as Harley Quinn to the Rescue (41231), LEGO City’s Mobile Command Center (60139), LEGO Friends Hearlake Summer Pool (41313), LEGO Ideas Adventure Time (21308), LEGO Ninjago Dawn of Iron Doom (70626), and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Hulk VS Red Hulk (76078).

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Here’s the fun part. We mentioned before that LEGO has thrown in another polybag promotional with the LEGO Batman Movie Disco Batman, Tears of Batman (30607) set. At that time, we had no info yet on when and how you may obtain this polybag which has shown to be a potential must-have set since it will feature not one, but two Batman minifigs that are not found on LEGO Batman Movie set. It now seems to be set in stone since LEGO has announced that the said polybag set will be offered as a freebie for every single receipt purchase of 55 Euros (or roughly around 50-60 USD) of any LEGO products (both in-store and online) beginning February 6 to 26 just in time of the film’s theatrical debut. There seems to be no qualifying purchase of any kind other than price point mentioned so this is something that most LEGO Batman enthusiasts will definitely look forward to.

crop lego store 0102 2016 5 30607 1

As mentioned earlier, the LEGO Nexo Knights opens a new chapter in their adventures with the introduction of new tech and skills to ward off the sinister threat of Monstrox and his evil Stone Army. This new chapter also unveils LEGO’s latest Nexo Knights sets scheduled for release in 2017 including a new polybag to go along with it.

lego store 0102 2016 6 lego store 0102 2016 7

The LEGO Nexo Knights Shrunken Headquarters (30378) polybag features a Stone Army soldier and a roller-drawn catapult. Fans that will purchase a LEGO NEXO Knights set anytime between January 3 to February 5 will get to bring home this polybag for free. There is no word yet on the minimum qualifying purchase amount to be entitled for this polybag, but given previous LEGO promotionals, we can assume a purchase threshold of anywhere between $50 to $60.

crop lego store 0102 2016 7 30378 1

And of course, last but definitely not the least on the LEGO Store flyer’s A-list is the massive modular set, the LEGO Creator Expert Assembly Square (10255). In celebration of LEGO’s 10th modular brick-building year, the Assembly Square is scheduled to be released on New Year’s Day both via LEGO Brand Stores and at as a direct-to-consumer exclusive, priced at $279.99.

lego store 0102 2016 8 10255 1 1


Hats off once again to Promo Bricks for helping us make sense out of this flyer.

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