Here’s What We Know So Far About the LEGO Batman Movie Polybags.

It seems that we underestimated LEGO’s plans of giving promotional mileage to its next big, brick-built movie. Without a doubt, LEGO intends to make its next flagship film, The LEGO Batman Movie, as big as its awesome predecessor (cue ‘Everything is Awesome’). When we thought we’ve seen it all as far as the Caped Crusader’s brick film is concerned, LEGO seems to pump in more seriously nice polybags ahead of the film’s February theatrical debut. Before we are overwhelmed by this steady stream of goodies, let’s pause for awhile and a take a look at what these polybags have to offer.

First off, we have The Mini Batmobile (30521) polybag which comes in at 68 pieces and is basically the much smaller cousin of the LEGO Movie The Batmobile (70905). There is no word yet on the street on when and where it will be available, though pricing is assumed to be at $3.99 each as mentioned by The Brick Fan. Stephen has also done a review of this polybag set which you can find below.

30521 1

Next is the very first LEGO Batman Movie polybag that we reported back in October – the Batman in the Phantom Zone (30522) set. This is so far the only polybag where you can get Batman’s latest minifigure iteration, including his new utility belt element. So if you are aiming to take home and collect this latest minifig version of Batman, then this polybag is definitely the way to go without breaking the bank. Frankly, we don’t know exactly yet how to officially obtain this polybag in the US except through third-party sources over at eBay.


If you’re the purist type, and are aiming to have Zach Galifianakis’ minifig rendition of the Joker without purchasing the more pricey sets, then this next polybag is a must have. The Joker Battle Training (30523) polybag comes in at 49 pieces and features a Joker minifig as he is seen in the LEGO Batman Movie. He also dons those ridiculously long coattails that most minifig collectors would love to hate. The Joker minifig in this polybag comes with an exaggeratingly huge six-barrel gun that also serves as one of the play features of the polybag set. A brick-built practice dummy of the Caped Crusader is also included to entertain the trigger happy Joker. According to just2good, this polybag may be spotted in any LEGOLAND Discovery Center in the US.

30523 2

Another miniaturized version of one of Batman’s rides comes in the form of the 80-piece, The Mini Batwing (30524) polybag. This one is definitely not hard to find as it comes as a free gift at for any purchase worth $35 and more.


We have another polybag set that comes as a promotional which includes not just one collectible Batman minifig, but two. The Disco Batman – Tears of Batman (30607) polybag is a great deal in itself, not just for being a free giveaway starting February, but you also get two Batman minifigures that you will not find in any other LEGO Batman Movie set.

30607 1

Finally, when you thought that you have seen the entire Batman minifigures line there is, we are now introduced to another rendition of the Bat and this time, sporting a tuxedo, party getup attire. This unnamed and unnumbered polybag set features another Batman minifig housed in a vault-type casing together with other elements and accessories. There is no word yet on how to obtain this, other than the assumption that it may be an exclusively Asian promotional.

new lego batman movie poly 01 1


So what do you think of these LEGO Batman Movie polybags? Do you think we should expect more of these kinds of sets before we go and hit the theaters on February?


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