Here’s A Look At The Recently Updated LEGO Dimensions Guide.

LEGO has just released an updated infographic of their LEGO Dimensions expansion sets, including the more recent Waves 6 and 7. Delivering on its promise of a bigger and better game play experience, LEGO has added a total of 16 titles and licenses under its flagship toys-to-life theme. If the recent upgrade on the cooperative and multiplayer Battle Arena game mode and Story Packs expansions are not enough to get you hooked up, I guess the minifigure line that comes with them will undoubtedly make any minifig enthusiast a believer. LEGO even took the extra mile of introducing new moulds for their newest minifigure lines such as that of Jake and Lumpy Space Princess in the Adventure Time Team Pack (71246), Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack (71244), Gremlins Team Pack (71256), and ET the Extraterrestrial Fun Pack (71258).

Here’s LEGO’s infographic in case you want to know which LEGO Dimensions figure goes with what wave, and what kind of pack are they included in to.


Wave 6 is currently available, with Wave 7 scheduled to be released this November.  If you noticed, The LEGO Batman Story Pack (71264), The LEGO Batman Story Fun Pack (71344), and the Knight Rider Fun Pack (71286) are yet to be included in this chart. We assume that these sets comprise the first half of LEGO Dimensions Wave 8 set to be released to the general public on February next year. We also had a sneak peak of the LEGO Dimensions Sloth minifigure from the Goonies last week though it is quite unsure if he will be included in Wave 8. Additionally, we are still waiting for the reveal of the rest of Series 2 LEGO Dimensions characters which include the Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans GO! and Beetlejuice.


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