LEGO Batman Movie, Batman in the Phantom Zone Polybag 30522 Spotted In The Wild!

The New York Comic Con may well be over, but for devoted fans who witnessed the reveals at LEGO’s Booth #1336, the thrill of seeing three new sets around the LEGO Batman Movie is kind of hard to shake off . As if these sets are not enough to get you hooked up with the film, Michael Frederick of Promobricks shares what seems to be a polybag promotional for The LEGO Batman Movie with the Batman in the Phantom Zone (30522). According to the report, the said polybag was spotted in the wild from a seller in US classified column. Though there were no details shared regarding the pricing, piece count and availability of the said promotional, these photos seem to be legit as you can see below.

*********UPDATE: It seems that the reveal of the Batman in the Phantom Zone polybag is a bit too early. LEGO has requested us to remove these images.********* 

As you can see from the bag, the 30522 comes with a Batman minifigure sporting a new utility belt. We can’t exactly figure out what the accompanying build actually is but it surely gives an interesting twist on how the film’s plot will turn out in the Phantom Zone. The build itself is kind of menacing to our minifig Caped Crusader, with weapon-like protrusions covering its body. The good thing is that according to Promobricks, they have received information that this could just be the start of LEGO releasing similar promotionals later in the future. If this is just the beginning, then we’re sure excited to see what the next sets or polybags will be. The LEGO Batman Movie is all set to fly in to theatres on February 8, 2017.


What do you think about this exclusive? Are you excited about this? Share us your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks Promobricks for the photos and the tip!

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