LEGO Reveals DC Super Hero Girls Website – More Sets Yet To Come!

The LEGO website has now been updated to include a full page dedicated to its latest DC Super Hero Girls theme. Similar to previous product launches, the site includes a Product page wherein the first three DC Super Hero Girls sets are featured: Batgirl Batjet Chase (41230), Harley Quinn to the Rescue (41231), Super Hero High School (41232).


Useful character pages are also added to the mini-site which gives a detailed background on each superhero and villain, including some curiously interesting information on the theme’s latest baddies: the Kryptomites. Here’s what it says:

SUPER HERO Kryptomites

Created by Lena Luthor using a combination of Kryptonite dust and alien technology, these rowdy rascals torment the students of Super Hero High.

  • Purple Kryptomites use hypnosis to control the minds of anyone nearby.
  • Yellow Kryptomites instils fear in anyone that crosses their path.
  • Green Kryptomites weaken Kryptonians and make mischief for everyone else.
  • Blue Kryptomites create confusion for all who get too close.
  • Red Kryptomites bring out the anger in almost everyone… except Tamaranians.
  • Orange Kryptomites spreads suspicion among the most trusting friends.

So it seems that the varied colors of the Kryptomites also serves like an identifier on their various abilities, which focuses primarily on manipulating how others feel. The site has also added some bit of fun by clicking on the random Kryptomite that appears across various pages on screen. After tapping a certain number of these pesky little critters, visitors are directed to the site’s Wallpaper page that offers additional downloads such as this one below.

DCSHG Wallpaper Group 2560x1440

There’s also a Videos page that shows 30-second clips of all 6 sets revealed thus far. There’s nothing much to see that we haven’t known yet, but the horizontal spin allows a better look at the different parts of each set. These sets are now posted at with Lashina Tank (41233), Bumblebee Helicopter (41234), and Wonder Woman Dorm Room (41235) slated to hit store shelves by New Year’s Day.

41233 alt1 Lashinas Action Rider 41233 e1475698652854

41234 alt1  Bumblebees Helicopter 41234

41235 alt1 Wonder Womans Dorm 41235


In related news, those who are waiting eagerly for the next sets may under this theme will be glad to hear that CM4Sci on Reddit has provided some juicy product info on the next three sets slated to be released on the first quarter of 2017. These are:

41237 Batgirl’s Secret Bunker

“Sound the alarm! Mad Harriet™ and the green mischievous Kryptomite™ have broken into the Batgirl™ Secret Bunker and stolen Batgirl’s microchip and special Batarang! Race down the zipline to chase after them. If you catch them, put Mad Harriet and the Kryptomite in Batgirl’s Bat-Wagon and haul them to jail. Recover the stolen items and celebrate with the Batgirl™ Bat-Bot!”


41238 Lena Luthor Kryptomite Factory

“Oh no, Krypto™ has been captured by Lena Luthor™! She’s taken him to her hidden lab by the harbor to drain his super powers and make evil little Kryptomites. Race to the factory with Supergirl™ to rescue Krypto and put a stop to Lena’s plans. Watch out, that blue confused Kryptomite™ is shooting at you from the roof while Lena Luthor escapes with the new Kryptomites. Catch her before she gets away!”


41239 Eclipso Dark Palace

“Face Eclipso™ and her evil little Kryptomites in her Dark Palace! Land the Wonder Woman™ Invisible Jet and help her search for The Flash™ inside. There he is, up in that tube! Eclipso wants to capture all the LEGO® DC Super Hero Girls™ to drain their powers and become the most powerful and evil of them all! Free The Flash and then chase after Eclipso before she gets away. Can you catch her and stop her evil plans?”


It’s interesting to note that several new pieces are particularly mentioned in these Product Descriptions. I’m curious about Batgirl’s ‘special’ Batarang in set 41237 and the newest iteration of the iconic DC speedster most probably in a similar minidoll form. I’m not particularly fond about LEGO’s minidolls but having the Flash in his minidoll version is something that I sure want to see. As it seems, we also have another set which will include the super dog Krypto other than the Lashina Tank (41233) and Krypto Saves the Day (30546) polybag. Not included yet in CM4Sci’s reveal is the description for set 41236 which we assume to be out anytime soon.

As I mentioned before, I’m not really that excited for this theme, but given how these sets are revealed and the type of builds included in them, I have to say that they are pretty much impressive all throughout. What do you think?


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