Here’s Your Chance To Win A Custom LEGO MOC from Brick Show and Build Better Bricks!

When it comes to superb custom brick built creations that you can actually build on your own, none comes first other than Build Better Bricks. For almost a year now, Master builder Tyler Clites have wowed us with his original LEGO MOCs based from various LEGO themes and IPs that we wish could have happened as an official LEGO set. Thankfully, we stumbled upon the idea of making these custom LEGO sets accessible to like-minded LEGO fans, giving everyone the opportunity to build these uber impressive creations. Hence, Build Better Bricks (or B3 for short) was born, and together with builder extraordinaire Sean Mayo, the site’s repertoire of quality custom LEGO instructions just keeps getting better and better. You’ve seen the videos of these custom sets, and also heard our thoughts on them, and this time we’re giving everyone a chance of owning one of these cool, custom LEGO sets.

To celebrate the launch of B3, Brick Show will be doing a giveaway where you get a chance to bring home an actual custom LEGO MOC of your choice from any of the sets listed at Build Better Bricks. The cool part is, we’re not just giving away its free instructions, but we will also send the needed LEGO pieces to build them! Check out Jason’s announcement, followed by some of our favorite MOCs from B3.


Custom LEGO The Milano

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Custom LEGO Star Wars Busts

Custom LEGO Marvel Thanos Bust

 Thanos Square 1024x1024 1

Custom LEGO Marvel Deadpool Bust

Deadpool Bust

Custom LEGO Baby Groot


Custom LEGO Nintendo Characters

You can choose from any of these custom LEGO models and more from B3’s website. To join the giveaway, simply head over to this link and follow the instructions on the page. It’s basically helping us spread the word about B3 through various social media channels and on the web.  Again, if your entry is chosen via electronic raffle, you’ll receive not just the building instructions to create these MOCs, but also the pieces to build them all for free. So help us spread the word about Build Better Bricks and support Tyler and Sean’s work.

Keep on building!


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    1. Simply click on the link mentioned above, and help us spread the word about Build Better Bricks via social media channels.

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