“If You’re Looking for Accommodation, We’ve Got Some Nice, Cozy, Hobbit-Sized Rooms Available”.

Tyler is back with another ‘wish set’ and this time, from the epic film series, Lord of the Rings. If you’ve missed his earlier MOCs that you wish could have been released as official LEGO sets, be sure to check his 3,000-piece, UCS style GOTG Milano and Star Wars The Last Jedi Resistance Skimmer. Based on J.L. Tolkien’s classic books, The Lord of the Rings is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated film adaptations of all time. It has a storyline so rich in imagery and fast-paced action that it is kind of hard to put down your finger and choose what particular scene is the best. One particular scene in the first LOTR film, The Fellowship of the Ring, shows the band of Hobbits led by Frodo seeking shelter in an inn where they eventually came across Aragorn or otherwise known as Strider at that time. Called as the Prancing Pony, the inn has established a name in itself as a popular pub and stopover for weary travelers. This is also the place where Frodo first unwittingly used the Ring and caused quite a commotion.

This time, Tyler has rendered this scene in LEGO bricks, complete with all the important details, characters and play features that surely make it as a must have, LEGO ‘wish list’ set. So let’s take a look.


As always, Tyler outdid himself again with this LEGO LOTR Prancing Pony ‘set’, with all its subtle details and use of clever building techniques. From the Prancing Pony signage piece (less the stickers), to the nice details on the windows and lattices, everything is spot-on in such a relatively small scale.

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Same as his previous videos, Tyler was kind enough to show and teach some building techniques in creating this set, particularly on how he managed to create the angled window roofs of the Prancing Pony using Technic parts.

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Of course, like any other LEGO sets, the Prancing Pony set comes with a couple of play features, especially on the inside. Turning around, you’ll see all the significant parts of the inn perfectly conveyed in their miniature LEGO form. It has detachable stairs, a table with several nice details such as a goblet, candlestick, and a pint, and of course the bartender’s area where Butterbur served the young masters. Upstairs, you also get to see the bedrooms as included in that particular scene: one on the left where Aragorn kept watch over the ghostly Ringwraiths, and the other featuring a Hobbit-sized bed.

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And finally, we have the minifigures! This is one LEGO wishlist set that is a sure winner in terms of the minifigs included with it, if ever LEGO officially made it as an official set. It comes with all four, young Hobbits (Frodo, Merry, Pippin and Sam), Aragorn, Butterbur the bartender, and two shadowy Ringwraiths. In case you want to know, you can get all these LOTR minifigs from the Attack on Weathertop (9472), The Mines of Moria (9473), and Shelob Attacks (9470) sets.

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So what do you think brick fans? Will you pick up this one if ever it becomes an official LEGO Lord of the Rings set? What other LOTR scenes would you like to see rendered in LEGO bricks? Let us know in the comments or head over our Facebook page to join the discussion.



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  1. This looks an amazing set I’d love to add it to the collection.
    Lord of the rings and the hobbit have so many more sets that could be created and should be.

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