Studio Nine Introduces Stüda: “LEGO-Compatible” Buildable Furniture

Give anybody a pile of LEGO bricks, and eventually they would’ve made something out of that, whether it’s a toy to play with or something to display on a table or shelf. But what if you can do more with a LEGO build than just make it a desktop ornament?

That’s quite the idea, being able to integrate your LEGO builds with the very furniture you plan to display them on. But that’s exactly what Italian designer Paolo Bellisario had in mind when conceptualizing a new line of furniture by Studio Nine, which he co-founded. How about some “LEGO-compatible” furniture?

A quick look at sample furnishing by Studio Nine, an elevated square cabinet with a modular – and therefore customizable – build, would evoke images of LEGO. If it doesn’t, then the fact that its outside surfaces are dotted with familiar-looking studs would. Said studs are compatible with LEGO’s interlocking brick design.

Studio Nine is even calling their latest furniture collaboration with Corian Design with a catchy name: Stüda. Bellisario is banking on this eccentric concept resonating with LEGO fans of all ages, spurring them to stick their official sets, MOCs or simple accessory bricks on their storage containers and other furnishings.

“We believe that every age will have a different way of personalizing it,” Bellisario noted. “Stüda is not only for kids and we are sure that letting children and adults interact together around it could bring some stunning results.” It should be noted that he’s also a childhood LEGO fanatic.

No further details have been shared about the Stüda design furniture collection from Studio Nine, but mass-production of their sets are expected to begin any time soon, following the positive reception that their concept have received thus far.

Author: Albert Balanza

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