LEGO Joins Marvel Studios 10th Anniversary with “Infinity War” Promotional Poster…in LEGO Minifigures

Cross-promotion is the way of the market these days. We already know that LEGO has released an impressive wave of tie-in merchandise for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War premiering next week, but now, they’ve also decided to lend a hand in promoting the film studios first decade, in poster form.

Collaboration between Marvel Entertainment and LEGO has resulted in what’s probably the coolest promotional poster for the Infinity War movie; plus it joins the rest of the other quirky special events already done to celebrate “The First Ten Years” for Marvel Studios, architects of the box office-breaking MCU franchise phenomenon.

Two months ago, Marvel released a golden Infinity War/10 Years poster, depicting characters from the Avengers, Asgardians, SHIELD, Guardians of the Galaxy, and other corners of the MCU in a group shot, with Iron Man high above them. LEGO has replicated that poster using their minifigures from their tie-in sets.


It’s got Vision; it’s got Loki; there is Hawkeye, Star-Lord, (a miniaturized) Ant-Man, Falcon, blonde Black Widow, Nomad Captain America, Nick Fury, and even Black Panther and Okoye. Finally, minifigure Tony in his Iron Man armor is zooming away with clear repulsor add-on elements on his hands and feet slots.

As expected, no X-Men (still with Fox) but strangely, no Spider-Man either. One can collect all these minifigures featured in the posted by getting all the Infinity War tie-in sets that are available now. They’ve got BrickHeadz figures too. And Avengers: Infinity War arrives on April 27 in US theaters.

It’s kind of like the custom cover thing for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, come to think of it; except this is for a Marvel milestone.

Author: Albert Balanza

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  1. Did you not notice the Winter Soldier and the bald guy next to him???? Those aren’t shown in the sets!!!

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