January 28 “60 Years of LEGO” Party at Billund’s LEGO House

For those LEGO fans with the ways and means to have been there in Billund last December to take part in the Holiday events held at LEGO House, they’ve got something new to look forward to at The Home of the Brick next month. It’s going to be a milestone.

On the last Sunday of January, the 28th, The LEGO Group will celebrate the 60th year to the day when the original LEGO brick patent by Ole Kirk Christiansen was approved. That date was the foundation of a legend in the toy-making industry that led to the rise of the LEGO we know and love.

Therefore there will be a big party to celebrate the occasion at Billund’s LEGO House where all LEGO fans are invited to join the festivities. Even better, LEGO’s in such a generous mood that visitors booking tickets to the Home of the Brick on the official website will receive a 60 Danish Krone price discount.

Check out their official schedule for the 60th Anniversary Party at LEGO House on January 28:

  • 10:00: LEGO House opens.
  • 10:00: Build your own LEGO anniversary model using 60 LEGO 2×4 bricks.
  • 13:45: Preparation for the countdown.
  • 13:58 – 16:00: Congratulations – the LEGO brick turns 60 – enjoy the live music and get some delicious cake.
  • 14:10: Inauguration of the exhibition of LEGO models from each decade, built by skilled AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO). Psst: Notice the clocks…
  • 16:00: LEGO House Experience Zones stays open until 16:00, with all our Play Agents on hand to give you and your family a memorable experience.

If all those special LEGO sets coming out for the 60th year milestone aren’t enough to whet your appetite for the company’s anniversary spirit, then a trip to Billund near the end of January might be the pinnacle of the experience. LEGO House will be waiting for you.

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  1. Bummed I went to my local Walmart. They know nothing about the sets & their website says sold out already.

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