Japan Likes To Feature Its LEGO Sets In Crazy, Humongous Proportions

For a land where Godzilla and kaijus roam freely, and Jaegers are sent to stave them off – well, at least in the cinemas – it really doesn’t come as a surprise if everything is huge in and around Japan. But seeing what our Asian neighbors did to mix their passion for the LEGO brick and in everything huge, this promotional LEGO stint is impressively overwhelming in so many levels.

Something gargantuan is currently set up at the Futako Tamagawa Rise Galleria Event in Tokyo, where a giant sized version of LEGO City Mountain Police Headquarters (60174) has popped up right smack in the middle of the mall’s premises. The designers of this larger than life build even added a fun twist by making the box look like it’s partially lifted to playfully reveal what’s inside.

The LEGO exhibit features plenty of large-scale dioramas based on the LEGO City Mountain Police theme and a handful of LEGO City sets on display and for sale. The English translation of the event reads: “Super Ultra Huge LEGO City” which is guaranteed to make any passersby have a second look. The exhibit will ran from July until late September at the following locations:

  • Fukuoka Prefecture: July 21st and July 22nd Hakata Station square
  • Miyagi Prefecture: August 4th – August 6th Dream Messages Miyagi
  • Osaka Prefecture: September 29th and 30th LaLaport EXPO CITY

Image credit goes to predominantjp via BrickFanz

LEGO Japan 6

LEGO Japan 2

LEGO Japan 5 LEGO Japan 11 LEGO Japan 4 LEGO Japan 3 LEGO Japan 7 LEGO Japan 8 LEGO Japan 9 LEGO Japan 10

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