“Be Mindful of Your Builds… They Betray You” – Obi-Wan

Ok… that may not be the exact words that the iconic Jedi Master said to Anakin when he confronted him about his fears and struggles, but hey, that is undeniably one cool scene from 2002’s Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Obi-Wan is a cut above the rest amongst other Jedi Masters that whatever sage advice that he can give, is golden to the most devout Star Wars faithful. None is as timely as this one, because looking at what Master Builders Tyler and Sean has came up with recently, will leave you with an uneasy feeling that someone might have pulled a Jedi mind trick over you.

So for a full disclosure: what we’re seeing here is not the actual lightsaber of the famed Jedi Master, but an insanely accurate, brick-built version of the real thing. I’m sure Obi-Wan might be laughing his bricks out if ever he gets to hold on to this life-sized custom LEGO lightsaber.



Made up of 240 LEGO pieces, Obi-Wan’s custom LEGO lightsaber also comes with its own stand whenever he needs to take break from his quite stubborn disciple.

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As always, Tyler and Sean never cease to amaze with their creative use of LEGO parts to come up with a highly accurate brick-built rendition of the real thing. I like how they used those black 4×4 round plates to create those ridges on the lightsaber’s hilt, and the clever use of an inverted radar dish (not quite sure if that is the part that they used) to recreate the end portion of the lightsaber.

If you want to follow the Jedi’s path with Obi-Wan, and have his wisdom enshrined in LEGO bricks then be sure to check out Build Better Bricks (B3) and see how you can make your very own custom LEGO lightsaber. Drop by B3’s website for details on how you can get the building instructions to create this elegant masterpiece.

While you’re at it, you may also want to take a look at its counterpart following the likes of the weapon that the Dark Lord of the Sith wielded. If you find yourself drawn more towards the dark side of the Force, then this Darth Vader custom LEGO lightsaber MOC, also from B3, is the one for you.

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