LEGO Batman Movie Activity Book Comes With An Exclusive Tartan Batman Minifigure.

Now that we had a look of how things will be with the forthcoming (needless to say, uber cool) LEGO Batman Movie collectible minifigures, one of LEGO’s longtime print media partners Scholastic, has revealed a series of activity books that features what could probably be the 21st LEGO Batman Movie minifig that you may want to add to your dream collection. Over at Amazon, a Scholastic activity book entitled The LEGO Batman Movie – Chaos in Gotham City comes with an exclusive Tartan Batman minifigure. This Scottish highlands-inspired Batsuit comes with dual-moulded legs that feature a traditional striped design, a distinctive off-the-shoulder garb, and a broad sword that will probably make the legendary William Wallace smile with pride. Of course since its Batman, he wouldn’t mind adding his own signature cowl and cape. Here’s a closer look.

71MZzO8SICL1 Header Tartan Batman 21

If there is one thing that absolutely appeals to me with regards to the myriad number of LEGO Batsuits out there, is the fact that the Dark Knight can put any of these and still be cool 10 times over. This is one minifig that I would love to pick up anytime soon. The LEGO Batman Movie – Chaos in Gotham activity book is now available for pre-order at Amazon for $8.99 in hardcover format and will be available for release on January 31, 2017. Click here to see other LEGO Batman Movie activity books that you may want to pick up.



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