Will The Rumored LEGO James Bond Set Finally Become Real?

LEGO caused quite a stir in the LEGO community recently with its cryptic post (which is more like a question) about their plans of coming up with a ‘special’ Secret Service model befitting of a top-notch agent. In fact, even British luxury car manufacturer car Aston Martin, and James Bond ‘himself’ joined in the discussions with their respective tweets hinting on the shape of things to come.

From the look of things, LEGO is definitely hinting on a new set that will feature a brick-built model of the classic James Bond vehicle, the Aston Martin DB5. After the teaser announcement, the LEGO fan community were more than thrilled to see the possibility of seeing a next LEGO Creator Expert set focused on this iconic vehicle. Furthermore, this theory is further strengthened by the fact that a particular LEGO Ideas project review stage qualifier did not make it to the cut because of the fact that LEGO has been working on a ‘similar project’. Brickfinder tells us that during the recent LEGO Fan Media Days, LEGO Ideas lead designer Samuel Johnson was kind enough to explain why the third 2017 LEGO Ideas Review qualifier Jaguar E-Type Roadster by Ozzyeatingbats was not considered. It is not because the set is less appealing over the next LEGO Ideas set which is JKBrickworks’ Pop-Up Book, but because as it turned out, LEGO was also developing a set which is much like that of the Jaguar. “It clashed with another product that is coming up”, Johnson disclosed.

lego ideas project
A proposed LEGO Ideas Project 1963 Aston Martin DB5 by fearthepeanut.

Now I’m not quite sure if this is a single, one time D2C set under the LEGO Creator Expert theme (though most signs point towards that possibility), or maybe it could be a start of a new line of LEGO James Bond sets which if you remember, was rumored to be a part of the now discontinued LEGO Dimensions theme. Now that LEGO’s toys-to-life arm is essentially dead, and that LEGO has teased on this Aston Martin set, the obvious question in every LEGO fan’s mind is, are we going to see a LEGO James Bond minifigure that will go along with this iconic vehicle? In retrospect, could there be some weight in those rumors that we heard last year about a LEGO James Bond set, or something close to that? Though the rumor was dismissed as a hoax by some of the most prominent names in the LEGO community who claims to have insider info, I couldn’t help but think that this recent development may actually give some credence to what we heard last year.

In any case, regardless if LEGO did or did not actually came up with James Bond-inspired set, it will be absolutely cool to see this legendary spy rendered in actual minifigure form. And what better way to complement this with an equally sleek and handsome Aston Martin.

So what do you guys think? Do you believe that we will be seeing a James Bond minifig along with his brick-built Aston Martin? Share your comments below.

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