LEGOLAND Castle Hotel in LEGOLAND California Now Officially Open

In case you missed out on the festivities of the grand opening of the very first Castle-themed LEGOLAND hotel in North America, then you might want to check out this video uploaded by LEGOLAND California. Needless to say, it’s a sight to behold: with royal trumpeters announcing the opening of the hotel’s gates, nobel knights mounted on valiant steeds, a little knight and squire formally cutting the ceremonial ribbon, and a majestic hawk handing over the key to the Castle to the legendary Merlin.

Here are some of the events’ highlights followed by LEGOLAND’s official press release. To place your bookings, visit their website right here.

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First LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel in the Nation and Second Hotel at

LEGOLAND® California Resort Opens its Doors!

CARLSBAD, Calif. (April 27, 2018) – Trumpeters announced the grand opening of the new LEGOLAND® Castle Hotel at LEGOLAND® California Resort today after a royal ceremony in front of hundreds of media and special guests. The ceremony included knights on horses, a little girl squire and boy knight plus a hawk that flew the key to the Castle to Merlin the wizard.

“Seeing guests walk into the Grand Hall for the first time is an awesome sight,” said General Manager Frank Idris. “I can’t believe just five years ago we opened the first LEGOLAND® Hotel in the nation proving how much LEGOLAND California Resort has become a multi-day destination for families with children ages 2-12. Our guests have asked for an even more immersive experience and that’s exactly what we’re giving them with LEGOLAND Castle Hotel. Not only does every room tell a story, every wall, floor, LEGO® model is designed to make guests feel like they’re in an actual castle.”

“We’re excited to open a second hotel having learned from the first how powerful the brand is and children love how their experience in our theme park transforms into an overnight magical memory,” said LEGOLAND California Resort General Manager Peter Ronchetti. “Not only will this 250-room hotel bring more people to the beautiful city of Carlsbad which benefits local business, but we’re adding more than 200 jobs further boosting the economy in the region. Considering that, plus the amazing locally-sourced food, great entertainment and whimsical features found throughout the new hotel, this is already a great win for us!”

A royal LEGO statue marks the entrance and is just one of more than 2,100 LEGO models created out of more than three million bricks. As guests enter the Grand Hall, they are greeted by a towering LEGO wizard conjuring up spells to protect the Castle from the bad knights and dragons.

In the Royal Princess rooms, the princess is joining forces with her jester friend to sneak into the grand tournament and compete with the knights. In the Knights and Dragons rooms, the knights are on a mission to defend the king’s castle and protect his treasure. In the Magic Wizard rooms, the wizards are concocting potions and fireworks for the grand tournament. Every room has a children’s sleeping area which includes bunk beds, a trundle bed, their own television, LEGO building station and shooting stars illuminating on the ceiling. Every adult sleeping area has an ornate head board with LED lights which could resemble a stained glass window, a canopy sparking with twinkling lights or shelves filled with potions and a magical bubbling illuminated cauldron.

In Dragon’s Den, a full-service sit down restaurant, guests can watch chefs preparing their food, enjoy LEGO models and entertainers within a unique dining experience. Breakfast is included with each guest’s stay and includes made-to-order items along with a buffet.

The Royal Courtyard immerses children in a fairy tale of their own creation with multiple play areas for different age groups, a giant movie screen, resort-style pool with interactive water features and hot tub and a tented stage for live plays and shows. Interactive elements throughout LEGOLAND Castle Hotel include a knock-knock door, a royal throne that makes silly noises, LEGO caricatures to build upon, a self-playing piano and a slide from the first floor to the lobby.


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