LEGO Creator Cute Pug (30542) Polybag Now Available at Target Stores.

The LEGO Creator line has a great deal more in its collection other than those monumentally big and busy buildings they feature like the Downtown Diner (10260). They also come in smaller packages like polybags, and one in particular is the LEGO Creator Cute Pug (30542), which will certainly be of interest to any LEGO polybag collector.

30542 1

While primarily built as a tan pug with a wagging tongue (and a fire hydrant to “do business” with), it is a 3-in-1 set where builders can also alternatively build either a cuddly koala or a bird of some sorts.

30542 01 30542 03


While available online at places like eBay, the Cute Pug (30542) is now also available in almost all Target stores, but you may find it rather odd that it is placed not together with  the rest of the LEGO sets, but in the store’s Valentine section in preparation for February. It’s a sure bet that one can find the LEGO Creator Cute Pug (30542) among the products on display there. Just look for the cardboard boxes where they’re stored. The polybag currently retails for $3.99 each.

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