LEGO “Harry Potter” Activity Book from Scholastic to Include Harry Minifigure

Early last May, we covered the listing, on Amazon, of several LEGO activity books from famous publishing label Scholastic. Two are based on LEGO franchises and are expected to come out this August. One book is based on iconic Scholastic-published book series Harry Potter, and will become available in December.

Each of these activity books also has the usual free included minifigure, although during their initial Amazon listing the spaces on the book covers where the figs were featured appeared blank. Now at least, we have an idea what the Harry Potter Scholastic activity book will pack with each copy.

As can be seen on the cover picture, the included LEGO minifigure with the Harry Potter Activity Book is, well, the Boy Who Lived himself. This minifig version of Harry is wearing the Hogwarts uniform sweater that became more familiar in later films than the robes from the earlier ones.

If that Harry Potter figure looked familiar to our readers, that’s because it’s apparently the same figure that is part and parcel of the massive Hogwarts Great Hall (75954) set that’s due to come out this August. You can see him in the set photo below, dueling with Draco Malfoy.

75954 alt3

In a way, if a LEGO Harry Potter collector is interested in a new variation of the Harry minifigure, but is loath to buy a big honking set for it, then Scholastic’s LEGO Harry Potter Activity Book is a cheaper alternative. Watch out for it on December 26, 2018.

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