LEGO Creative Storybook (40291) Promo Ending this Week

LEGO has got so many promos happening at their online and branded shops, giveaways with durations that go across months, blending from one promo to the next. For instance, right now the LEGO Creative Storybook set (40291) is the current offer running since May. But its time is running out.

We first got news about the Creative Storybook (40291) thanks to a printed promo flyer from LEGO Germany, where it was slated to become available for local LEGO shoppers with a minimum total purchase of €65 from June 4 to 24. Its counterpart US promo pegs the required minimum purchase at $99, and actually ends up a few days shorter.

Just a heads up, the LEGO Creative Storybook set (40291) promo will end this Wednesday, on June 20 after starting this month on the fourth. Said set is a diorama honoring famed Danish fairy tale author Hans Christian Andersen, shaped in the form of an open book with “pop-up” scenery.


One factor that gave positive reactions to the Creative Storybook (40291) with LEGO builders was its coincidental resemblance to the next LEGO Ideas set to watch out for: the “Pop-Up Book” by JKBrickworks. This approved LEGO Ideas project was somewhat similar to the LEGO Creative Storybook, but larger and with a true “pop-up” function enabling it to be closed and opened, with building scenery standing up on point.

June 2018 may be over halfway done, but there are still many more LEGO promos and giveaways in store. Check back to our coverage of their LEGO Store calendar here.

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