Build Your Own LEGO Hedwig Target Exclusive Via LEGO Digital Designer

If you missed out on Target’s exclusive LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig giveaway, then this is your chance to build one of your own. Thanks to the kind efforts of mc_survival_man (via Brickfinder), we now have a LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) file that can provide us with the details on how to build this cool LEGO Hedwig Harry Potter giveaway.

LEGO Hedwig
Image credits to Ichangthewriter (via Instagram).

We must take note that this brick-built LEGO statue of Hedwig is given away to winners as assembled and glued all together, with no building instructions whatsoever which means trying to somehow reverse engineer it using LEGO Digital Designer is not an easy feat. Reportedly consisting of 1,202 pieces, this set may take around $134 worth of LEGO parts and pieces in order to build.

LEGO Hedwig target exclusive owl
Photo credits by the Brickfinder.

In may not look exactly like the original LEGO Hedwig statue, but considering how much effort was needed to figure out its design, a shout out and a word of thanks to mc_survival_man should be in order.

If you want to go ahead and make your own LEGO Hedwig, then you can download the LDD file which Matt (aka mc_survival_man) freely shares to the community. Many thanks to everyone who made this LEGO Hedwig model and LDD possible.

Author: Albert Balanza

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6 thoughts on “Build Your Own LEGO Hedwig Target Exclusive Via LEGO Digital Designer”

  1. Can someone forward me the PDF instructions for this set please? I can’t see the other one and it doesn’t work for me as instructions? Thanks in advance for your help. Please email it to

      1. Hi there Vi! Have you tried opening the .lxf file using LEGO Digital Designer?

  2. download the extension, but no file for the build. downloaded the lxf file but can’t find anything to open it. 🙁

  3. Having trouble downloading the lego digital will check with my son when i am over at his place what i am doing wrong coukd be because on tablet, thanks James

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