LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 Will Feature A Host of New and Classic Comic Book Characters.

Day 1 of WB Games’ live stream of the events happening at E3 is in full swing, and we now have confirmation of what fans can expect from their highly anticipated sequel, LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2. Earlier today, we saw its very first gameplay via YouTube Gaming where Arthur Parsons, TT Games Head of Design, gave us a glimpse of how the game will play out with the Guardians of the Galaxy battling head on with the game’s main antagonist, Kang the Conqueror.

Additional content was later revealed at the WB Games booth when Parsons, together with Executive Producer Phillip Ring, showed Chronopolis City, which acts like Kang’s gateway hub to other places and dimensions. The demo also featured a host of new comic book characters such as Spider Man Noir, Captain America 2099, and even Lockjaw from the Inhumans.

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Famous Marvel comic book locations like Wakanda, Sikaar, Lemuria, Attilan, and No Where just to name a few, will also be featured in LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2. By far, this is the biggest and most ambitious open world we ever had in a LEGO game, according to Parsons.

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We still have 2 days of exciting new content waiting to be revealed about LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 right at WB Games’ booth at E3. So be sure to come back again tomorrow for updates. You may now pre-order the game which will be released on November 14, that also comes with a Deluxe Edition that features playable classic GOTG characters including Charlie-27, Yondu, Major Vance, and Starhawk among others.

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