LEGO Worlds Will Now Come With a Paid, Classic Space DLC Pack.

In another exciting segment of WB Games’ live presentation at Day 1 of this year’s E3, we now have information on some of the new stuff going on with the sandbox game, LEGO Worlds. Chris Rose, Associate Producer at TT Games took to the floor the newest addition to the ever-growing LEGO Worlds content. After confirming the recent release of the Nexo Knights and Castles free DLC, it was announced that LEGO’s 70s and 80s Classic Space theme will also be well represented in the LEGO Worlds through a new and exciting, paid DLC pack which will come out soon.

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The Classic Space DLC features some of the most loved LEGO Space-themed sets from the 70s and 80s, including the Galaxy Explorer (497), One Man Space Ship (918), Lunar Rocket Launcher (6881), and even a Space version of the PUG-Z.

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There is no word yet about the DLC’s pricing and availability. LEGO Worlds is available in all major gaming platforms including the Xbox, PS4, Steam (PC), and Switch retailing at $29.99.

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Stay tuned here at the Brick Show for more LEGO Worlds update tomorrow on WB Games’ Day 2 coverage of E3 2017.




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