LEGO Overwatch Sets Poised to be Revealed at Overwatch Fan Festival

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Earlier this month, LEGO launched its Overwatch minisite to celebrate the upcoming launch of their new Activision Blizzard tie-in, which was announced last May. There’s no word yet regarding where and when these new sets will be revealed, but a recent development may point us to a particular Overwatch Fan Festival happening this week in South Korea. The hugely popular first person shooter game has endeared itself to many South Koreans, and it makes sense that LEGO will make its presence known during the said event. As it turns out, a quick look at the regional Overwatch site seems to confirm this, with LEGO’s branding prominently shown and giving us a teaser that LEGO Overwatch sets are soon to be revealed.

lego overwatch program

Nothing much has been said about the extent of LEGO’s participation in the fan festival, but LEGO’s presence in the event speaks a mouthful. The Overwatch Fan Festival in South Korea will happen on Wednesday and Thursday, August 22 to 23, and it coincides with another event that is also happening this week, and this time in Germany. A quick browse at the Exhibitors page of Gamescom 2018 – Germany’s answer to E3 – reveals that LEGO will be setting up an exhibitor’s booth from August 21 to 25. Similarly, no details have been released to the public on what LEGO has in store for both Gamescom and the Overwatch Fan Festival, but we can bet our bricks that several LEGO Overwatch sets will most likely make their debut on these dates. According to Promobricks’ intel, there will be at least five LEGO Overwatch sets that fans can expect during the next few days. The only question is, which of these events will LEGO utilize to make the big reveal, and are we looking at regular sets, a new collectible minifigure line, or perhaps even a new wave of LEGO BrickHeadz Overwatch sets.

lego overwatch reinhardt
A custom LEGO Overwatch Reinhardt by chubbybots.
lego overwatch brickheadz
A LEGO BrickHeadz Overwatch Mercy MOC by Mike Nieves.
custom lego overwatch minifigs
Overwatch heroes rendered in custom LEGO minifigures by Kaiju Dan.

Personally, I am more compelled to consider the possibility of having a full range of LEGO Overwatch sets across selected themes. Since the Overwatch universe is highly diversified, the LEGO sets will perhaps be primarily based on the Overwatch’s mini movies, while their respective minifigures will focus on some (and not all) of the 28 playable characters of the game since some might be too difficult to render in minifig form. We may also have a dual-pack LEGO BrickHeadz Overwatch set: one of which may be based on one the game’s tank heroes, equipped with their mechs or any related armaments. These are all speculative at this point based on what I want to see in a LEGO Overwatch set and until we hear an official press release from LEGO, we will keep our fingers crossed.

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