LEGO Rebrick: Help Decorate The LEGO House! Get Your MOC Set Displayed in Billund

The Home of the Brick, aka the LEGO House in Billund, Denmark has earned its reputation as one of THE places that serve as a gallery where great LEGO artwork around the world could be displayed as “decorations”. Having a builder’s work shown there is a major bragging rights reward.

In fact, LEGO Rebrick is ready to help aspiring builders get their next masterpiece displayed within the Home of the Brick in the future, as they call all LEGO fans to “Help Decorate the LEGO House”. Here’s your chance to get your work noticed by LEGO tourists coming to Billund.

This LEGO Rebrick contest comes in two categories: Nature and Minifigure Interiors. In the Nature category, builders must make a display of min. 4×4 studs to max 64×32 studs, with a max height of 60 bricks and no overhanging parts beyond 64×32 studs. Subjects can be plants, animals and flowers.

For the Minifigure Interior category, the subject must be a minifgure-scale interior of a room, with a min. baseplate of 16×8 studs to the same max base, brick height and overhanging restrictions as the Nature category above. Interior elements may include furniture, ornamentation, and of course minifigures to populate the set.

LEGO Rebrick will choose a total of 10 winners for each category, each of whom will get an autographed LEGO Architecture The LEGO House (21037) set, plus getting their brick-work exhibited at the real Home of the Brick (builder name and set description included), shipping expenses paid by LEGO.

lego architecture legohouse 21037 1

If a busy builder with multiple entries wins more than once, then along with the signed LEGO Architecture LEGO House (21037) they’ll also receive another LEGO set of their choice, limited to a max price value of $75. The deadline to submit entries is April 6, 2018 so get building!

Author: Albert Balanza

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