LEGO Rebrick Modular Buildings Anniversary Contest Ends With A Nice, Cozy Vignette.

A few days ago, LEGO Rebrick has announced the results of their exclusive Modular Buildings Anniversary Contest that challenged builders to come up with their own creation based on the Creator Expert Modular Buildings theme. I have to admit that the contest itself came in as a surprise not because of the winning entries themselves – which are all superb by the way – but because of the fact that it was not announced to the general public through their usual channels. We only knew of the existence of the contest when the winners were finally announced.

Rebrick 1

According to LEGO Rebrick admins, the contest was exclusive for LEGO Shop email subscribers and RLUG members only, so it wasn’t promoted externally or easily visible on the LEGO Rebrick site. If you recall, we’ve been closely following several LEGO Rebrick contests before such as the Celebrate the Best of LEGO Friends, Build Your Gateway Contest, Build the Porsche of Your Dreams, and more recently, the LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films. However, since the Modular Buildings Anniversary Contest was an exclusive contest for a specific group of members, it fell off our radar. The contest was launched in celebration of the 10th year anniversary of LEGO’s modular sets, alongside the release of the all-new LEGO Creator Assembly Square (10255). Apparently, it left some LEGO and Rebrick fans feeling a little bit disappointed on their missed chance of submitting an entry. I guess it is Rebrick’s prerogative to target a specific audience to join in their contests; however, it would be better if the contest organizers were transparent about it from the start.

Anyways, enough of what I think and lets draw the curtain to reveal the winner. Drum roll please… and the winning entry for the LEGO Rebrick Modular Buildings Anniversary Contest is…


Legostrator2’s Bank Owner’s Private Chamber

Rebrick 2

Rebrick 3 Rebrick 4 Rebrick 6Rebrick 5

This is the private chamber of the Brick Bank’s owner, Mr. Mushroom. Sitting in his cosy chair near the warming fireplace, he checks his documents. He doesn’t like to be disturbed, but he enjoys the company of his snowwhite cat Mizi.

– legostrator2

This vignette-type entry from expert builder legostrator2 is a sure win among other equally impressive entries. With so many fine details in such a small space, this is one vignette that I wish LEGO will consider offering. I personally like the exquisite touches on the logs beside the fireplace which cleverly uses round, 1×1 tiles and the arched design of the fireplace which gives the vignette, a nice cozy feel.

As the grand prize winner, legostrator2 will bring home the following prizes:  Pet Shop (10218), Palace Cinema (10232), Parisian Restaurant (10243), Detective’s Office (10246), Brick Bank (10251), and the latest Assembly Square (10255). That is one humongous stash of a prize!

10218 1 10232 1 10243 1 10246 1 10251 1 10255 1 1


Click here to know more about this winning entry from legoslator2, and be sure keep tabs with Rebrick’s on-going contests such as the Expand the LEGO Minecraft Universe (will end on December 17), LEGO Batman Movie Brick Films (ends on January 5, 2017) , and a Brick In the Life (ends on January 3).

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