LEGO Russian Online Store May Have Given Us a Peek at How the Luke Skywalker Minifigure Will Look.

After being featured in Vanity Fair’s special Star Wars anniversary issue, the renowned Jedi Master may now probably have his LEGO minifigure version set into stone. LEGO’s Russian online store has posted a relatively intriguing art work celebrating 40 years of Star Wars. What is interesting about this picture is how it conveys the Skywalker timeline in its minifig form. Beginning with the prequels spanning Episodes I to III, followed by the first Star Wars films from Episodes IV to VI, then the culmination of the saga in Episodes VII to IX. Each chapter of the Star Wars storyline is highlighted by the passing of the iconic lightsaber, which concludes with Rey receiving it from Luke himself.

LSW 1HY17 Mainstage May40th 2

The minifigures featured in this graphic are all included in actual LEGO Star Wars sets beginning Episode I, so imagine the excitement that this picture created when Luke Skywalker is included. Frankly speaking, the minifig itself is similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s minifigure torso and legs, and with slight variations in its color as seen in The LEGO Star Wars Mos Eisley Cantina (75052) set. Luke’s gray, right minifig hand is also a reference to his robotic arm as seen towards the end of The Force Awakens which is really quite hard to miss. Take a look at each of their minifigures below for a better comparison.

sw552 TLJ Luke Skywalker 75052 1


Now to be fair, there is still the possibility that we might still see an entirely different TLJ Luke Skywalker minifig. So our safest bet is to wait for the official images to pour in once this year’s Force Friday sets in this September.


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